The Triton Tribune Parent Edition

Be Kind ~ Be Awesome ~ Make The Right Choices

Volume 2 ~ Issue 3 ~ August 10, 2020

Amazing Triton Parent/Guardians and Students,

"The genius thing that we did, is that we did not give up." Jay-Z

As we ready to begin Week 2 of this most unusual school year, I want to say that YOU MAKE ME PROUD! Starting a new school year is challenging enough; having to do it through the virtual lens makes it more than challenging and tests our character. I have to say that you have demonstrated so many of our Triton Traits; you showed resilience, gratitude, kindness and so many more. Most importantly, as the quote above says, YOU DID NOT GIVE UP!

I want to continue to encourage you to demonstrate all the Triton Traits this week, first, to yourselves, then to your classmates and finally, to your teachers. We are all experiencing new practices. Many of them are veteran teachers but this experience has brought them all back to memories of being a first year teacher. To encourage you, I asked a former 8th grade parent, Emi Wong, to share her experiences in distance learning with both a middle schooler and a high schooler. Her letter is below. Please take time to read it as she has learned so much about her own children and her role as a parent during these uncertain times.

After the technical glitches last week, some teachers will be switching from Google MEET to Microsoft TEAMS. I have given us one more week to stick with Google MEET. If at the end of this week, we are still experiencing significant connectivity issues, I will direct all teachers to switch to TEAMS. Please continue to be patient.

Below are information that are pertinent to the week. They appear in this order:

  1. A Letter of Encouragement and Perspective
  2. Textbook Distribution Information
  3. Necessary Class Changes Starting This Week
  4. Attendance Information
  5. ELM Virtual Daily Schedule
  6. ELM Technology Support Line
  7. A Guide to Student Login Credentials

On Friday, July 31, I sent an update regarding registration and first day of school. Here is the link to that update. It includes answers to your questions about immunization, class schedule, class changes and other first day/week protocols.

Finally, please refer to the website for updates. We update it on a daily basis.


Let's have an amazing week!

Mrs. Finley

A Letter of Encouragement and Perspective

I asked one of my former parents to write a letter to you providing encouragement and perspective, especially to the new Triton parents who are new not only to distance learning but also to middle school.

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Dear Triton Parents,

When distance learning began, my children’s educational experience was flipped upside down. At the time, I had an 8th grader at ELM and an 11th grader at ELH, both of which have always been straight A students and overachievers. Through this ordeal, I was able to gain more insight into their personalities and the ways they deal with adversity.

My youngest child adjusted quickly and smoothly transitioned into distance learning. She

completed all assignments days in advance, even though they were all considered extra credit. She has always struggled in P.E., but while stuck at home, she found motivation to improve. Not only did she finish all of the workouts assigned by her teacher, but she also organized her own daily workouts and stuck with them for months after the school year ended. While many of her friends struggled to stay motivated in such an unstructured situation, she stayed focused and tried her best to encourage her friends to concentrate.

Meanwhile, my son had a very different experience. He was in the middle of a robotics season, which was cancelled abruptly due to COVID-19. From the beginning of January to the start of the quarantine, he was at school every single day until late at night building a robot with his teammates. This caused the transition to be much more jarring for him. At the time, he was also taking five AP classes (all of which he did very well in), despite our warnings that it may overload him. During distance learning, he had a hard time staying motivated to complete assignments. When I asked, he simply stated that the work was optional and that none of his classmates were doing it. His teachers urged him to focus and prepare for the AP tests through video calls, emails, and even handwritten notes. Despite this encouragement, he struggled to finish his work and keep a positive mindset. We had numerous talks with him, trying to encourage him to stay positive and focus.

Through this experience, I have learned that everyone reacts differently to difficult

circumstances. In the case of my son, who has always been focused and self-motivated, I was shocked to see how he handled the situation. It made me realize that preparing kids for college goes way beyond academics. My son ended up passing all of his AP tests. However, the more important thing is to support your kids and make sure they can be independent and stay positive in unusual circumstances. This year, we are trying to improve, and we have discussed ways to be open with each other. I am trying my best to check in with them emotionally.

My advice to parents going through a similar situation is to be attentive to your children’s emotional health. Even exceptional students can struggle emotionally. It is also extremely important for you to always be a positive influence. As their parents, you are their guiding light right now. If you emulate positivity, patience, and understanding, they will follow your lead.


Emi Wong

As we begin textbook distribution on Monday, please read the following memo [link] because there are some things that you need to prepare PRIOR to you and your child attending.

  1. Create a window shield/dashboard sign like shown below. Click on this link to access the template.
  2. Come at your designated time. If you are not able to make it then, Friday is a make-up for those who cannot come. .
  3. If you cannot come on the make-up date on Friday, please email Mr. Nafarrete at to make an appointment for a special time.
  4. If you have an 8th grader who has NOT returned books, this is an opportunity for you to return these books. Place unreturned books in the trunk, and when you get to the pick up station, we will take your 7th grade books and replace them with 8th grade books.
  5. NO WALK-UPS or BIKING TO SCHOOL to pick up textbooks.
  6. Students do not have to be present to pick up textbooks. But they will need the receipt to clear attendance with their Social Science Teachers.

Students will be receiving two books: Social Science and English. Spanish textbooks will be distributed at a different time because Spanish teachers are giving placement tests this week. This will result in students moving to different levels, if applicable.

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Changes to Students' Schedules Are Being Made This Week

Your child's schedules may be changed this week. Please read below for the reasons this may happen. Counselors have done a great job to minimize these moves but this is part of the annual process of what we call balancing classes.

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Attendance Information

Please read the instructions below on how teachers will be taking attendance and what students should do on their end to ensure that they will not be marked absent.

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ELM Virtual Daily Schedule

This is the approved schedule for ELM. On Friday, there was a different start time in Infinite Campus. Fridays will always begin at 9:00am for Period 1.

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ELM Technology Support Desk

If you need help with any technology issue, please contact Mr. Doyle, our site IT support. He will get back to you faster.

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Guide to Student Login Credentials

Click on the title which is a link to the pdf version of the picture below.

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