Pomona STEAM Lab Happenings

November news

October is already in the rear view mirror!

What a great month of learning experiences, fun, and belonging. Thanks to everyone who has supported Pomona's fundraisers. The fifth grade "guess the number" candy jar fundraiser was great and raised about 180 dollars.

Our Walk to School Day was amazing and we had a huge turnout. Thanks to all the adults that walked too and supported our amazing kids.

The Halloween parade and day were awesome! It was awesome to see the creativity. We heard from families and visitors about how impressed they were with the kids' politeness and kindness during the day. Proud Principal moment!

This month we have:

Art Night, Thursday, November 3rd

Food Drive: Nov 8th-Dec 6th

5th Grade Veterans Day Concert November 10th, 6-7 PM

Lego League: Nov 12th @FMHS

PTO Chipotle Fundraiser November 16th, 4-8 PM

Thanksgiving Break: November 21st-25th

Art night! Over 150 items to bid on!

Here is your chance to own some original work by classrooms, bid on amazing gift certificates, or purchase some homemade delicious treats.
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Parking Lot Addition

The addition to our South parking lot is coming along nicely. We are looking at a few more weeks and it will be officially open. This new addition may lead to some changes in the near future.


It is that time of the year once again. Our food drive begins November 8th through December 6th.

Last year we found ourselves with a $1000 check in hand. That money went straight back to your kid's learning environments! Let's see if we can do that again.

We are doing the Healthy version of the competition. The points scale is below.

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Pomona STEAM Express!

We have the Coffee Cart, The Pomona STEAM Express, which is back in full swing. What is the Coffee cart you ask? On Friday mornings, our SSN staff, SSN learners, and others work on life skills by going around to staff and selling coffee and/or Hot Chocolate. All the funds go right back into the SSN learning environments. The Express can't handle the number of community members just yet, so we are keeping this in-house for now.
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Panorama Data (Climate and Culture Data)

Learners take a survey twice a year about their school. The focus is Climate and Culture. Kids are asked questions related to school expectations, engagement, and belonging. Here is a snapshot of our most current data. Notice the "Compared to others Nationally". Pretty awesome stuff Pomona!
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Every newsletter will have a little tidbit about S.T.E.A.M. Maybe a process or method, maybe a Problem Based Learning connection, or maybe a STEAM challenge.

4C's: The 4 Cs: Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Creative Thinking are major pieces of our school. Below is a snapshot of what it looks like, sounds like, and feels like at Pomona.

Here is our October and November Challenge.

Create a lawn tool using recycled materials that will help you manage all the falling leaves. A new rake or shovel design? Or get creative and invent a new tool! Try using the Engineering Design Process that you have all been learning in STEAM LAB with Ms. Beale. Be sure to share your design through a picture or video so I can share some of them via Facebook or the next newsletter.

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Our PTO is amazing. Just about everything you see at Pomona, from Aquos Boards to our Art teacher comes from major support of PTO. I cannot thank you and PTO enough for supporting the school and the kids. PTO does have a Facebook page and a website (see links right below).

PTO website

Calendars, events, etc.


Drop off at Pomona is at 8:30 AM. We do not have staff available before that time. Please do not drop off learners before 8:30 AM.

Pick up: Monday - Thursday is between 3:55-4:10. Fridays: 1:55-2:10. If you need to pick kids up after 4:10/ or 2:10 on Fridays, we have an after-school program. That information can be picked up in the office.