Woodgrove High School

October 2020 - Newsletter

Principal's Message

Greetings, Wolverines! Well, fall is upon us and we’ve nearly completed four weeks of school. I am grateful for everyone’s patience, understanding, and efforts to make this a successful opening. Yes, it is different and we’re still working through some glitches, however, overall, our school year is up and running, students are engaged in their classes, and feedback has been constructive and positive.

And with regards to feedback, please certainly share your thoughts. We’re all moving forward together and we want to make this year the best possible experience we can for our students, teachers, and families given our circumstances. As we are now one month in, please know we’re striving for balance and reasonableness in the work that is assigned to our students. Your remarks and feedback are vital as they help capture and personalize the experiences of our students. We will continue to adjust our practices accordingly.

As I shared at the beginning of the year, we are encouraging our students to have their cameras on for classes as we believe this will help students engage and connect with their teachers and peers. We do understand that some students may not have their cameras on as some may not be comfortable with this or that bandwidth may be an issue. However, if at all possible, please continue to have those cameras on.

We currently are offering an internet café Monday through Friday at Woodgrove from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM for those students who do not have internet connectivity at home and for whom a hotspot does not work. We’ve already reached out to those families for whom we are aware internet connectivity is an issue. However, if your daughter/son needs to access our internet café please contact me, Mr. Lowery, or Dr. Cuozzo. Again, this is only for those students who do not have internet access at home.

Clubs are now meeting and I encourage all students to seek those opportunities they may enjoy. A listing of clubs may be found on our website.

Also, pictures for grades 9, 10, and 11 are scheduled for October 5 and October 19. Sign-ups are available on our website.

I want to thank our teachers for the countless hours they are dedicating to creating engaging lessons for our students. We began the school year committed to engaging and connecting with our students, and I believe our teachers have taken that to heart as they have taken tremendous strides to ensure students are receiving a top-notch education.

Likewise, to our students, my deepest appreciation for taking on this challenge with open minds and sound resolve. We look forward to welcoming you back into the school, however, in the meantime, continue the outstanding efforts I’ve been able to witness as I visit classes or speak with you. Let’s continue to make the best of it.

And to our parents, thank you, thank you! I know this, too, may be unwieldy at times for you as you balance supporting your daughter/son in school with running a household and working. For those who have taken time to reach out to me to share your perspective, I’m grateful you’ve done so as your thoughts help guide decisions we must make. I know this is difficult and new for all of us; however, I’m most appreciative of the measures you’ve taken to provide a sound foundation at home from which your son/daughter can access their education.

May you all have a safe and happy October. Best wishes and thank you for your continued support.

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Wake Up Woodgrove

Daily announcements

  • Wake Up Woodgrove will air Tuesday through Friday mornings, 8:40 - 8:55am.
  • Update your bookmark to this link for submitting morning announcements.
  • Update your bookmark for viewing Wake Up Woodgrove to this link for our MyVRSpot software.

How to be a Successfully Online Student

A Guide to a Quarantined Wolverine

High School Parking Lot WiFi Access

In our efforts to continually improve and meet the challenges of a large school district, we are deploying solar powered WiFi to high school parking lots.

Each of our high schools will be equipped with a solar powered, cellular wireless access point that will provide coverage to a portion of each schools parking lot. This will allow for social distancing and access to digital resources for those in need of internet access. Each area depicted is an estimation of coverage and capacity may be impacted by weather, number of connected users and other factors. Areas selected are also monitored by LCPS Safety and Security patrols, camera's and other techniques to provide a safe environment.

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Head Start will begin hybrid classes on October 27. Wave hello if you see us in the hallway!

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All presentations will be done virtually - your child's Drivers Ed Schoology page will have more information! You only need to attend ONE presentation date!

Dates for PSTD

  • 10/8 - 7pm
  • 10/15 - 7pm
  • 10/27 - 7pm
  • 11/17 - 7pm
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UNDERCLASS PORTRAITS: Underclass yearbook portraits are taking place on October 5 and October 19. Please schedule an appointment here:



SENIOR PORTRAITS: Seniors, if you did not take a senior portrait in September, there is still time! Confirm your appointment using the code mailed to your home here:

Did you miss the information/directions Lifetouch sent to your home address? If so, you will need to call Prestige Portraits at 1-800-445-1191 to schedule your appointment.
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As Woodgrove begins a new year, unlike any other, the SCA is working to find ways to bring students together in this new environment. Students have the opportunity to join the Student Council, alongside a number of other clubs. The club interest form can be found in the first post of each grade’s schoology group. The google meet code for Student Council meetings and more information can be found on the Woodgrove SCA instagram, @whscouncils.

The SCA hosted the first General Assembly on September 29th. The General Assembly meeting was held to vote on Homecoming spirit week days. Additionally, the student body was given an opportunity to check in about online school, and talk about their learning experience so far this year. The Student Council will pass along the feedback they receive back to the administration.

The first Virtual Spirit Week is planned to be on October 19th through the 23rd. Regular Tuesday meetings, at 8:15 AM, will continue throughout October. The SCA is looking forward to planning more virtual events to help connect students to one another during this time.

Student Activities Information

Parent Liaison News

Fall greetings! My name is Deana Czaban and I am the Parent Liaison at Woodgrove! My role is to help parents/guardians connect with the school and play an active role in their student’s education. I can also help connect families with resources in our community.

Have you had a change in circumstance during this pandemic[DC1] ? You’re not alone! If you need assistance with food, rent, clothing, school supplies, jobs etc. please reach out to me and I can connect you with resources within our community. My email is Deana.Czaban@lcps.org. Please visit the Parent Liaison tab on the Woodgrove High School website: Parent Liaison.

If you are interested and able to help families in need with situations that arise during the year, I have started the Wolverine Needs Network. Just email me your contact information and I will add you to my list. Some examples of things we sometimes need are: grocery store gift cards, sneakers/shoes, clothing, gas gift cards, supports for a family experiencing a serious illness or death etc. When a need arises, I will send out a group email. If you can help, you’ll simply email me back that you are able. Thank you so much!


Volume 11, Issue 2

October, 2020

Sports Injuries

Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome

Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS) is really a group of conditions that cause pain around the kneecap and it can be related to many conditions such a bursitis, tendinitis, chondromalacia and osteoarthritis. Symptoms of PFPS typically include gradual onset of general aching in the front of the knee that worsens with stair climbing or prolonged sitting. There may or may not be swelling and the knee may feel weak, to the point where it feels like the knee is “giving way”. Many student-athletes are prone to PFPS and there is no one specific sport that is primarily affected.

PFPS is usually diagnosed through a physical exam. X-rays are also helpful in determining bony abnormalities such a malalignment or loose bodies. Occasionally, MRI, CT, or bone scans may be needed.

Most of the time PFPS is treated with physical therapy. The main concerns are relieving the pain and then restoring function. Since most PFPS symptoms are caused by overuse, you must first rest and then begin therapy. Anti-inflammatory medication and ice are helpful in reducing the pain. Knee braces that have an opening for the kneecap and a buttress with straps to help the alignment of the kneecap may also be helpful. As the pain diminishes you can begin strengthening and stretching exercises. Once the condition improves you can start sport-specific exercises and a maintenance program.

The prognosis for PFPS is good overall for most student-athletes. However, there are some student-athletes that will continue to experience pain after this type of treatment and may ultimately need surgical intervention.



Scientists have acknowledged the benefits probiotics provide for the general population. As healthy bacteria that live in our guts, probiotics improve digestive and immune system function. Only recently however, have athletes become aware of ways probiotics can improve performance. Along with the boost probiotics provide to immune function, there are benefits to consuming them before, during and after training.

Consuming fermented foods and/or probiotic supplements daily can vastly improve an athlete’s gut flora, and gut health correlates to whole-body health. When the gut is healthy, foods are digested correctly. In addition to boosting gut health, probiotics directly support immune function by promoting higher levels of interferon, a protein made in response to the presence of viruses, bacteria and parasites. This can decrease the incidence of illnesses like colds and mononucleosis.

Before activity, probiotics can be a great solution to soothe gastrointestinal discomfort by reducing nausea and reflux. This allows food and nutrients to more efficiently leave the stomach and become useful to the body.

Athletes should also consume probiotics during activities that last more than 90 min. Probiotics allow the gut to deliver more nutrients to the bloodstream increasing the absorption of carbohydrates, electrolytes, fluids and amino-acids. This can minimize muscle damage and lower an athlete’s risk of dehydration and cramping.

Finally, all athletes know how important recovery is following a strenuous workout. Since taking probiotics after exercise can increase the absorption of antioxidants, it helps with the removal of free radicals, which can damage cells and tissues. Besides providing optimal pre-training fuel, a delicious smoothie with yogurt or added probiotics, protein, and fresh fruits and vegetables is a powerhouse post-workout snack.

Meet Our Team!

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The counseling department at Woodgrove looks forward to assisting you with your scheduling needs and post-secondary goals. Feel free to schedule a meeting with us so we can get to know you and serve you better.

2020 -2021 Counseling Team

  • Mr. Patrick Weaver ------------ A-Cop
  • Mr. Steven Cohen -------------- Cor-Gra
  • Mrs. Amy Scott ----------------- Gre-K
  • Mrs. Donna Kelly --------------- L-O
  • Mrs. Barbara Bell --------------- P-Sm
  • Mrs. Rachael Sutphin -------- Sn-Z
  • Mrs. Geri Fiore ------------------- Director of School Counseling
  • Mrs. Bernadette Ishmael ---- School Registrar
  • Mrs. Stephanie Butler -------- Counseling Administrative Assistant
  • Mrs. Annie Harding ------------ Career Center Specialist
  • Mrs. Justin Jarvis -------------- Testing Coordinator/FACETime Coordinator

Mental Health Team

  • Mrs. Kelley Trenary -------- School Social Worker
  • Mrs. Heidi Buckner -------- School Psychologist
  • Mrs Amy Iliffe ---------------- Student Assistance Services Specialist

Senior Meetings

Counselors are currently holding one on one meetings with our seniors and are scheduling these through Microsoft Bookings. To schedule a meeting time with your counselor, click on their name below:

Patrick Weaver

Steve Cohen

Amy Scott

Donna Kelly

Barbara Bell

Rachel Sutphin

We’ve Launched!

Visit our newly redesigned, user friendly School Counseling and Support Services website! We know you’ll find this much easier to navigate and to find the information you’re looking for.

Naviance Student is an incredible tool for WHS students and their families! It is a comprehensive website to assist you and your child in making decisions about courses, careers and college. This is just the tip of the iceberg and we invite students and parents to sign on and start exploring.

How do you sign on?
Students can access Naviance Student through their LCPS Go account. Parents have been registered with their email address on record as their username and woodgrove for the password. They may click here to login. If you are unable to log on, contact Mrs. Harding in the Career Center at annie.harding@lcps.org.

Take a quick tour of Naviance! and see for yourself all the tools available to you and your student.

Virtual College Exploration Fair

Sept 14th - Nov 5th.

This eight-week program is the most comprehensive virtual fair combining college search education and weekly college fairs. Designed to maximize your college visits in the shortest amount of time (6 minutes!). College panel presentations are offered on a variety of topics from finding the right fit, to essay writing to how to choose a major. Highly recommended! Register early as sessions fill quickly.

Virtual College Visits

There is no shortage of opportunities to visit with admissions reps from colleges across the country. One way is to take advantage of the opportunity to meet with them in a much smaller setting to get your questions answered and to show your interest in their school. Virtual College visits are scheduled for this fall for specifically for Woodgrove students. See full schedule and register on Naviance to attend.

If you’re not sure how to find the visits or how to register on Naviance, watch this quick video in our new Video Library!

Don’t see the school you’re interested in? Contact Mrs Harding in the Career Center to see if the school is scheduled with another high school in our county and she can provide you the meeting link.

Also on Naviance, under the College tab, view College Events that list virtual tours, visits and webinars hosted by the college or institution.


Are you looking to apply for scholarships, but not sure where to start? Start here to learn about the different types of award opportunities and where to find them here .

Loudoun County is continually updating their website which lists the scholarships for 2020-2021 along with application links and submission requirements. Bookmark the LCPS Scholarship List page to stay informed throughout the school year.

Financial Aid Night

The Financial Aid 101 presentation held on Monday, 9/28 was recorded for your convenience. Slides and Video recording are found on the school website under Scholarships & Financial Aid.

NOVA Virtual Visit Coming Soon!!

Don’t miss your chance to hear from Mr. Thomas Chalk, the Northern Virginia Community College High School Coordinator for Woodgrove! Mr Chalk will be virtually visiting with students to give them an overview of the many opportunities available at NOVA – academics, transfer programs, student life and more. See why this is one of our most popular post secondary options for our students. Register for this event in Naviance.

October 5, 2020 10:30 a.m.

PSATs and Admission to Academies of Loudoun

Statement from ACL regarding required testing for upcoming admissions:

10th graders in LCPS are not able to take the PSAT this year at their home high school due to COVID19. To accommodate our 10th grade Academies applicants, we plan to offer the PSAT so that applicants can meet the admissions criteria for both Advanced AET and MATA programs.

Reservations are required, and spots will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Available dates are:

  • October 14th (Wednesday) – 8am (transportation available)
  • October 17th (Saturday) – no transportation available
  • October 29th (Thursday) - 8am (transportation available)
  • Reservations for these spots can be made at the following link: https://forms.gle/bRqpDLvFZ9PFo7Yh8

Interested in the Military?

Explore military career options, learn about the ASVAB: a career exploration tool and review the list of military recruiters for our area on our school website under the Military tab in the Counseling & Student Services section.

Plans are underway to offer virtual visits throughout the school year from our local recruiters and will be posted in our newsletters.

The ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) is a comprehensive career exploration and planning program that includes multiple aptitude tests, an interest inventory, and various career planning tools designed to help students explore the world of work. Tests will take place throughout Loudoun County again this year and will be offered at Woodgrove High School in the Spring (Date TBD)

Job, Volunteer & Leadership Opportunities

Follow us here for the latest information on jobs, internships, leadership opportunities and more

#woodgroveworks #woodgroveserves #woodgroveleads

Follow the Counseling Department Here!

Theater News

Fall Theater Production

Sign up or email Mrs. Schafer Benko to hel pout with the fall theatre production. We are looking for movie makers, editors, musicians, singers, designers, and all in between. Click on the link here OR email addie.schafer@lcps.org.
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Come to the Forensics meetings to learn more about public speaking trophy award-winning VHSL competitions. We meet Thursdays at 8 am via the Google Meets nickname whsforensics. Email Mrs. Sim or Mrs. Schafer Benko with any questions.
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Drama Club!

Join Drama Club Mondays at 2 pm via whsaschafer on Google Meets. We play drama games, have special events, and virtually have a great time. Email Mrs. Schafer Benko with any questions: addie.schafer@lcps.org.
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WHS Information

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