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May 2016

In this Month's Edition

  • Honoring Excellence in the Class of 2016
  • From the Desk of Mr. Smithberger
  • Four SHS Students Advance to Believe in Ohio State Competition
  • Important Dates for Seniors
  • Final Exam Schedule (9th - 11th graders) and FAQs
  • Summer School Information
  • May's Featured Staff Member: Mrs. Alana Bendetta
  • Wellness Focus: Preparing for Final Exams
  • Upcoming May Events

Honoring Excellence in the Class of 2016

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Haley Brengartner, Phi Beta Kappa Scholastic Award Winner, Class of 2016

On April 25th and 26th, outstanding members of the class of 2016 were recognized at Senior Awards Night and the Top 5% Program. Congratulations to Haley Brengartner who was selected as the Phi Beta Kappa Scholastic Award winner for the class. The Phi Beta Kappa Award is based on achievement and scholarship. It is considered one of the most prestigious awards a high school student can receive. Haley was selected by a committee of SHS faculty after a rigorous application process. Haley chose to honor Mrs. Carol McKnight as the faculty member who had the most impact on her education.
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Outstanding Scholar Award Winners

Also during Monday's program, nine students were named Outstanding Senior Scholars by SHS's academic departments and presented awards by SHS department chairpersons. Congratulations to

  • Olivia Abdallah - Outstanding Business Scholar
  • Andrejs Albertins - Outstanding Social Studies Scholar
  • Andrew Bidwell - Outstanding Band and Choir Scholar
  • Cillian Donahue - Outstanding Orchestra Scholar
  • Tom Donahue - Outstanding World Language Scholar
  • Julia Klaben - Outstanding Science Scholar
  • Jarod Klypchak - Outstanding English Scholar
  • Kendell Kuzmanovich - Outstanding Art Scholar
  • Aric Micko - Outstanding Industrial Tech Scholar
  • Nicholas Scoggins - Outstanding Mathematics Scholar
  • Jennifer Stiene - Outstanding Health Scholar
On Tuesday, April 26th, the top five percent of the class of 2016 were honored and given the opportunity to express their thanks to the teachers who have had the greatest impact on their school career so far. Congratulations to the following students and their faculty honorees.

  • Olivia Abdallah - Ms. Jessica Frenchik
  • Andrejs Albertins - Mr. Kevin Klein
  • Todd Andersen - Mr. Andrew Hire
  • Gabrielle Bewie - Mr. Kevin Klein
  • Laura Brink - Mrs. Catherine Petrus
  • Jason Ding - Mr. Doug Cicerchi
  • Kerolous Eldeeb - Mr. Kevin Klein
  • Sarah Gaspar - Mr. Michael Scott
  • Kaitlyn Gleske - Mrs. Kelly Rose
  • Meghan Hayes - Mr. Kevin Klein
  • Rachel Kevdzija - Mr. John Young
  • Julia Klaben - Mr. Bill Smith
  • Jarod Klypchak - Mr. Kevin Klein
  • Daniel Lemr - Mr. Kevin Klein
  • Allyson Lombardo - Mrs. Carol McKnight
  • Katie Masousek - Mr. Joe Yuska
  • Abby Noser - Mrs. Mindy Bedrossian
  • Claire O'Brien - Mrs. Heather Keirn-Swanson
  • Alyssa Palko - Mrs. Heather Keirn-Swanson
  • Ayushi Patel - Mrs. Mindy Bedrossian
  • Ritika Patel - Mrs. Alana Bendetta
  • Nicholas Scoggins - Mr. Kevin Klein
  • Megan Sievers - Mrs. Alana Bendetta
  • Arianna Soika - Ms. Jessica Frenchik

Congratulations, Seniors!

From the Desk of Mr. Smithberger

Saying "Goodbye" to the Class of '16

As the year is coming to a close, we are preparing to say "goodbye" to the class of 2016. The class of '16 has accomplished much during their time at SHS. They have found success academically, in the arts, and athletically. Their legacy will be one of success and for this we are proud.

The class of '16 is prepared for life after SHS, and we look forward to following their adventures and celebrating their successes. It has been an honor to be the principal of such a wonderful group of young adults.

As always, thank you for allowing us the opportunity to provide your child their high school education.

Four SHS Students Advance to Believe in Ohio State Competition

This year SHS has three Believe in Ohio STEM Commercialization Plans advancing to the state competition.

  • Juniors Julia Foust and Justyna Krupa: Replacing Synthetic Rubber with Food Waste (2nd time State Qualifiers!)
  • Sophomore Salvatore Hargis: Spray on Skin
  • Junior James Keating: A Bright Idea to Save the Planet

Congratulations and good luck to these students as they compete for thousands of dollars in prize and scholarship money at the State Competition May 7th in Columbus!

Important Dates for Seniors

The end of the year is approaching quickly, bringing with it many important dates for seniors.

  • May 2-13 - AP Testing
  • May 6 - Prom, 6:00 PM-11:00 PM, Cleveland State Wolstein Center
  • May 7 - After Prom, midnight-4:00 AM, Ehrnfelt Recreation Center
  • May 13 - Seniors' Last Day of Instruction
  • May 16 - Senior Final Exams
  • May 19 - MANDATORY Commencement Practice - ALL fees and fines must be PAID IN FULL
  • May 21 - Commencement, Cleveland State Wolstein Center - Graduates arrive by noon; ceremony begins at 1:00 PM

Final Exam Schedule (9th - 11th graders) and FAQs

Final exams for 9th - 11th graders will be given on May 17 - 20.

Please note that the order of spring exams is different from the order of midterms.

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My daughter has lunch/study hall 6th period. Does this mean she can leave after the Session I exam time on 5/19?

Yes, students need to attend only the sessions for which they have a class. If your daughter doesn't have a 6th period exam, she can leave SHS at 9:00 AM on Thursday, assuming she has transportation and no make-up exams that afternoon.

Is transportation available during exam week? Yes, buses will run their usual routes at the usual time. Students who want to arrive later or leave earlier will have to find their own transportation. Students waiting for their afternoon bus will be restricted to the cafeteria study hall from 11:00 AM until their buses arrive in the afternoon. Buses will leave at 11:10 AM on Friday, May 20th.

Will lunch be available to students during exam week? The cafeteria will be offering a limited menu for students wanting to purchase food on Tuesday - Thursday. There will be no lunch service on Friday, May 20th.

My son attends Polaris during the morning. When will he take his exams? Polaris students will attend their PCC classes at their regularly scheduled times and take their exams in the afternoon during the make-up exam period from 12:00 PM - 2:25PM.

Summer School Information

If your child needs to catch up on credits or would like to use summer school for credit advancement, here is the link to Strongsville City School's Summer School Information.

May's Featured Staff Member: Mrs. Alana Bendetta

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Education/Training: I received my Bachelors Degree in French Education from the University of Akron and spent a semester teaching English in France prior to my student teaching. I continued on to Baldwin Wallace and received a Master's Degree in Mild/Moderate Intervention.

Years at SHS: I'm about to finish my 6th year!

Family: My wonderful husband and I are coming up on our 4th wedding anniversary, and we are the proud parents of our 16-month-old son, Samuel! We also have two fur babies, Nicolette and Riccardo.

Why did you decide to be a teacher? Ultimately, the teachers I had made me love being a student. They had such a strong influence on me and truly cared about my well-being. I wanted to provide that same environment and make everyone feel valued. I believed if I could inspire students the way I was inspired, then it would be an extremely rewarding profession.

What do you like best about working at SHS? SHS is my alma mater and my dream was always to be a teacher here. It's a neat feeling to have my former teachers become my colleagues.

What might students be surprised to learn about you? I love giving speeches at weddings, and I have a new found love of photography!

Thank you, Mrs. Bendetta, for all you do to make SHS a great school!

Wellness Focus: Preparing for Final Exams

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Finals exams can be stressful for students. Here are a few tips you can offer your student to help him/her sail through exam week.

  1. Eat a healthy breakfast.
  2. When you first receive the exam, glance over the entire test before you start. Create a plan of attack. Write down any key terms or formulas that you’ll need before starting. Think about how you’ll use the time allotted.
  3. Read the directions carefully. If something doesn’t make sense to you, ask the teacher.
  4. Write out a brief outline before beginning essay questions.
  5. Use the process of elimination on multiple-choice and matching questions. Also, for multiple choice questions, you may wish to cover the options first and try to answer the question on your own. That way, you’ll find the answer options less confusing.
  6. Leave the most time-consuming problems for the end, especially those with low point values.
  7. Focus on the question at hand. If you complete the test one step at a time, you are much less likely to find it to be overwhelming.
  8. If you are stuck on a question, bypass it. Mark the question off, so you can return to it at the end of the exam. How to help your child with final exams
  9. Show as much work as possible. This is particularly important for math exams. Make sure that you’re answering each part of the question.
  10. If you have time at the end of the exam, go back and proofread your work and look over multiple-choice questions again. Check to see that you have answered every question before you turn in the exam. But remember, your first answer is usually your best answer. Be extremely cautious about changing answers later on.
  11. Some people benefit from conducting a memory dump when they first receive a test. That is, they jot down a comprehensive list of concepts, formulas, vocabulary, and details at the beginning and revisit these ideas as they’re progressing through the test.
  12. See if there is a way to draw a picture or otherwise create a visual description of the question you are trying to answer.
  13. Strive to include course terms and concepts in written responses (correctly, of course).

Upcoming Events


6 - Prom, 6:00 PM-11:00 PM, CSU Wolstein Center

7 - After Prom, midnight-4:00 AM, Ehrnfelt Recreation Center

9 - Freshman Academic Awards, 7:00 PM, SHS Auditorium

10 - Spring Band Concert, 6:00 PM, SHS Auditorium

11 - Senior Choir Concert, 6:00 PM, SHS Auditorium

12 - Spring Orchestra Concert, 6:30 PM, SHS Auditorium

13 - Seniors' Last Day of Instruction

13 - Art Honor Society Induction, 6:30 PM

16 - Senior Final Exams

17 - 20 - Final Exams (9th-11th graders)

19 - Commencement Practice for Seniors

20 - Last Day of School

21 - Commencement, CSU Wolstein Center, 1:00 PM (Seniors arrive by noon.)

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