Henry Ford


Henry ford

He was born July 30,1863 in Dearborn Michigan farm

Facts of Henry's early life

  • Went to the Detroit institute for engineering.
  • Fixed a timepiece and amazed the town.
  • Worked on a farm and was not feeling that it would not work.

Henry's family

  • He had 1 child his name was Edsel Ford .
  • He married Clara Ala Braynt in 1888 .
  • He owned a family farm.
  • Clara died in 1950.

Henry's adult life

  • He created the the Ford motor co.
  • He mobilized his factory for World war two
  • He had a newspaper co. called (Dear born Independence)
  • He invented the model T


He felt that he traveling by a CAR would be easier.

Three reasons why we chose this inventor

  • He helped the country in world war two .
  • He made life easier to get around.
  • He made many more things than a car Like an air plane

I think this invention is important because ...

He made traveling easier by inventing a car.

Henry's death

He died in April 7,1944 from trauma to his brain in Dear born Michigan.