Wine Fridges: Single Zone or Dual Zone?

For centuries, wine lovers and connoisseurs used the once-traditional basement wine cellar. Nowadays, wine collecting has caught on as a popular hobby and wine lovers have realized that it does not require a large sum of cash to start or even maintain their collection. With few people having subterranean cellars and most wine consumers having inadequate storage facilities, it makes perfect sense to opt for a wine fridge.

With wine being perishable, the right conditions (which are dark, cellar-like storage space with consistent temperatures and consistent humidity levels of between 60% - 70%) are essential for keeping your wine stored properly. It is especially important when storing fine wine, as how it is stored can have a direct impact on its final flavor, color and character.

Therefore, if you are even remotely serious about your wine, storing it on a traditional rack at average household temperatures and full of both heat and sunlight is an ill-advised move.

A wine fridge is the best alternative for safely storing your wines as this is a larger refrigerator style unit that can store dozens even hundreds of bottles at selected temperatures with a 5°-22° temperate range & 65% humidity as opposed to the ordinary fridge which is not made to replicate the conditions of a cellar.

Also known as a wine cooler or wine chiller, link to large wine fridge buyers guide are useful for those who do not own a cellar, as these can replicate the ideal wine storage temperature and humidity conditions. The temperatures of regular refrigerators are too cold and dry, plus odors from food may impart off-flavors.

Most units also enable you to select their ideal temperature of wine and some units are even controlled by a thermostat.

There is also another useful feature of lockable doors that can keep expensive wines safe from guests accidentally opening them or children getting into them.

Wine fridges also come in two types, one with a novel option of being able to control two separate areas for different wines.

The Single Zone Wine Fridge is a type of wine refrigerator that only has one temperature unit compartment that can control the entire environment for one set temperature. This type of chiller fridge also has controlled environment for optimal conditions of light, temperature, humidity, storage positioning of bottles, with no vibration.

On the other hand, a Dual Zone Wine Fridge has two temperature compartments which enable you to store both red and white wines at different temperatures through the use of the 2 individual compartments that you can set to different temperature levels.

Varying temperatures are required for aging, as opposed to frequent entertaining. Therefore, whether you are a big white or red wine drinker, or plan to store your wine for aging or entertaining, then a dual zone unit with individual temperature capabilities is right up your alley.

Wine Fridge Cooler

A wine fridge cooler means that wine does not have to be presented at the wrong temperature and it also means that you will then be able to enjoy everything that the bottle of drink which you have purchased has to offer in terms of it's quality and overall taste. What will surprise a lot of people is that some bottles of red wines should actually be chilled and the perfect place in which to do this can be in a wine cooler.

When chilling bottles of drink it has to be done in as slow a way as possible in order for it to be done properly. Several people like to enjoy a bottle of wine by lying it just in front of an open fire which can seem to be a little strange. However if the wine fridge cooler has a thermostat on it then even better for controlling the temperature in which the wine can be served at.

An absolute must is that the fridge used to store wine especially if you are like me and like to keep stored a large selection of wines at any one moment in time. When it comes to the average man on the street and their knowledge of wines most people stick to the simple adage that white wine needs to be served cold and red wine semi warm, but this is only the beginning of it when having some ideas as to how your wine should be served in a wine fridge cooler.

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