How does the horses eye work?

By:Taylor Benton

Horses vision

During my research I found out that horses have two different types of vision. One of the two types of vison is Binocular vision. They use binocular vision to see straight infront of them and only focus on whats in front. While the Binocular lets them see stright in front the Monocular vision allows them to see 2 different places with both eyes. That means one can be watching behind them and the other can be looking infront of him or to the side of them. When they are switching between the two visions they become destoted and may cause the horse to spook. The horse can only use one vision at a time, it is impossible for them to use both at the same time. However, when they are using their binocualr vision they cannot see the ground infront of their feet. Nor directly behind him and if he hears a noise he cannot switch between both visions fast enough so he may just kick. No matter what vision your horse is using it is always hard for them to see cleary. It takes a long time for their eyes to become focused and things not be so destorted.

The Horses Eye

The horses eye is actually really cool to know about. There are many parts to the eye and they all have their own job. The horses eye is actually an active organ that works and can have the same problems as human eyes. Except we have two eye lids while they have three the top and bottom and the third eyeid is located near the nose that helps protects their eye from stratches.The eye socket is called an orbit and it holds the eye. The orbit contains many things such as muscles, nerves, blood vessels, and the structures the produce and drain tears. The white part of the eye is called the sclera and it is the toughest part of the eye. The sclera is covered by a thin membrane called the conjunctiva and its near the front of the eye. Horses have a part called the lens and it is located behind the iris.The lens is able to change its shape to focus light onto the retina. It has small muscles that are called the ciliary muscles and they cause the lens to become thicker and alloes it to focus on nearby objects. The retina contains many cells that can sence light. In horses the most sensitive part in the retina is called the visual streak. The visual streak has photoreceptors that make the images look sharp.The photoreceptors are attached to nerve fibers. All the nerves are bundled together and are called the optic nerve. Photoreceptors make the image into electrical impulses and are sent to the brain.

How the horse recives information

During this artical I learned about how the horses eye transfers the information to his brain. People back in the day used to not think that the information went from the right side of the brain to the left or vice versa. They thought this because the horses eye is located on either side of the head and not on the front. When horses see something with one eye they spooked and turned their head to look at it with the other eye. This is one of the biggest things that led people on to belive that information didn’t transfer to the other side of the brain. Later on in the late 1900’s a guy with the name of Hanggi did research and demostrated that information does transfer from one side of the brain the the other. He proved that just because they see differently with each eye doesnt mean it doesnt transfer to the other side of the brain.when the horse is grazing information is constantly switching from one side of the brain to another. With this happening they can tell which way to look if they see something becuase if this didnt happen they would only be looking with one eye.

What the eyes mean

The horses eye is actually quite amazing. Your horses eye can tell you a lot of things about your horse and you can learn a lot about your horse from it. Your horses personility is determined on their eye shape. This means when your horses eye is large and the skin around it is soft and flexible they are intelligent and egar to learn. Now if the eye is bugled and the skin is tight this means they are stressed and feared. The shapes of the eyes also have meaning too. Almond shaped eyes mean easily trusting and friendly. If they have a small eye that means that they can be hard to train and will not be interacted with people. When the horses eyes are high up on their head and farther on the sides of their head this is the most difficult type of eye. Because the eye is so far up and so far to the side they cant really tell if anyting is in front of them and they may spook easy. Sometimes the eye may change the look or shape when they understand what you are asking them to do.The eye is not just the only way to tell the characterization of your horse. Some of the ways are shape and the set of the ears,length of the mouth, the form of the chin,the profile and thickness of the nose.