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For more than 300 years, Twinings has made magnificent tea for the whole world. In 2000 Twinings decided to work with Fair Trade USA to ensure that all of the workers recieve fair ay and a safe working enviroment.

Tea With Modern Influence

Despite Twining's early establishment (1706) this company keeps up with many of the concerns of the modern world. In 1996 they considered the demand for organic tea and introduced the organic growing practice in their company. Also, in 2000, when the popularity for fair trade was growing, they started to support the cause. Twining's serves as a model for other large tea companies across the world.

What is "Fair Trade USA"?

Fair Trade USA is a company dedicated to changing the world. "FTUSA" works with many companies who believe in a future where everyone supports sustainable agriculture and want to empower farming families and workers around the world. Fair trade is not just a market, but is also a social movement that provides strength, hope, and real choice to the world's consumers.

Our Values:

What is Behind Your Tea Cup?

Why Does Fair Trade Tea Matter? Art of Tea visits Tea Farms

Did You Know?

  • After water, tea is the most drunk drink in the world
  • Every second more than 70,000 cups of tea are consumed worldwide
  • Although the price of tea has grown a lot in the past years, the absolute prices have lowered

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Better Tea, Better You

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Companies That Use the Same Product But Do Not Support the Fair Trade Effort

Many companies do not want to advertise the fact that they are not a Fair Trade company, but remember when you are buying tea, look for the "Free Trade" sign.