Multiplying and dividing decimals

How can we use it in real life?

How can we use multiplying and dividing decimals in the real world?

If you are buying something from a store and you need to multiply it to find out how much it costs you will need to multiply decimals. Maybe you have some candy and you want want to divide so your friends can have equal amounts and some of your candy is already divided. You will need to know how to divide decimals.

Why can't we just use a calculator?

If you use a calculator than you won't get smarter. Also if you don't use your brain enough than it goes away. If you do the math by yourself than you will get smarter and you don't have to constantly get out a calculator.

Steps for multiplying decimals.

Dividing Decimals

Steps to Dividing decimals

First you have to see if the number you are dividing it by can go into the highest place value. Next you multiply, subtract and bring down the number than you repeat this until you can to the last number. Than you find out the remainder and put and decimal or fraction for it. Finally you are done!

Multiplying and Dividing decimals. What are more reasons about how we can use it?

Some people think they can always relay on an iPad or iPhone or calculator. That's not true. What if it run out of battery people will think you never learned to multiply and divide decimals. It's ok to use a calculator occasionally. Also what if you are buying something and you need to multiply or divide decimals and the cash register won't work. You will need to be able to get the answer right.