By:Amelia Klostermann

Facts about Saturn:

What is the size of Saturn? How does it compare to Earth?

The size of Saturn is 36,184 miles. Earth is 9 times smaller than Saturn.

What is the temperature on the Saturn?

The temperature is -270 degrees F, and -168 degrees C.

Does Saturn have any gravity like Earth?

The gravity on Saturn is 10.44 m/s to the second power.

What is the surface of Saturn like?

Saturn is a gaseous planet.

How long does it take Saturn to orbit the Sun?

29.4 Earth years, or once every 10,755.7 Earth days.

How long does it take for Saturn to turn around?

It takes Saturn 10.7 hours to turn around.

More facts:

What is the weather like on Saturn?

It's cold and very windy.

Does Saturn have any rings or moons?

Saturn has 4 main groups of rings and 3 that are fainter. It has 62 moons which 9 are waiting to be officially named.

What is Saturn composed of?

Saturn is mainly composed of hydrogen and helium.

How or when was Saturn discovered?

Saturn was discovered in 1656.

How did Saturn get its name?

Saturn was named after the Roman god of agriculture.

Can Saturn be seen from Earth?

Saturn can be seen from Earth if you know when and where to look.

2 Interesting Facts:

1. Saturn is the fifth brightest object in the solar system.

2.Saturn is sometimes called "The Jewel of the Solar System."