6th Grade Research at Bell & 7B

What it is...

WISER is a quarterly course that explores ways to find answers to questions that matter. In WISER - 6th grade students learn skills to help them become successful researchers. Students learn to use our online catalog (Destiny Quest) more proficiently. They also learn how to access our Database Subscriptions, including EasyBib for citations. Students practice evaluating websites, using tools to encourage critical thinking as well as working collaboratively. Lastly, WISER provides an introduction to Google Docs and some Mac applications to help organize and synthesize their learning.

Why is it called WISER?

The acronym WISE was developed for students by librarians of the WSWHE BOCES and Capital Region BOCES in NY. We obtained permission to use this framework to inform coursework we developed for 6th graders. The BOCES version of this inquiry model is WISE - we added an additional letter "R" to include reflection as part of the inquiry process.

W - Wonder I - Investigate S - Synthesize E - Express R - Reflect

Developed and taught by Library Media Specialists at Bell and Seven Bridges