CALL Summer Institute

Content Area Language and Literacy

ELA/ELD Framework Edition

How can we get kids to comprehend complex text in all content areas? Our training provides the tools to support teachers with the instruction of rigorous text. This is integrated ELD at its best. Join this summer institute with a team from your school. CALL is a 2-day institute with 1 day of facilitated planning. Implementation planning and administrative overview is complimentary with new partnerships.

CALL- Content Area Language & Literacy

Thursday, June 16th, 8:30am to Friday, June 17th, 3pm

555 Richmond Drive

Millbrae, CA

What Will We Learn

  • Planning for Before, During, and After Reading of Difficult Text.
  • Vocabulary Instruction
  • Integrated ELD
  • Differentiated Scaffolding
  • Doing the Close Read
  • How To Increase Academic Collaborative Conversations
  • How to Lesson Plan with Backward Design for Differentiated Instruction
  • How to Support your Long Term English Learners
  • How to Support Struggling Readers
  • How to Support English Learners during Reader's and Writer's Workshop

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