European discovery project

Country basics

The capitals name is Belgium and their flag is three strips black, yellow and red


The location is the Netherlands and are the neighbors of France. Belgium is filled with numerous canals and dikes protecting the land from the sea. Some major landmarks are the Cinquantenaire arch and the Atomium. The major bodies of water are the north sea and the west coast


Belgium has a constitutional monarchy. There leaders are chosen by election bodies. Belgium's people are responsible for control of culture and foreign trade.


Belgium is a poor country with high taxes. Belgium uses money called Euro. Belgium's life expectancy is 79.92, Birth rate is 11.41, literacy rate is 99%, Drinking water source is responsibility for water supply and sanitation to regional or inter-municipal utilities. There are more than 62 water supply utilities, including 2 regional, 30 inter-municipal and 30 municipal utilities. Another 100 mostly small municipalities provide services directly without having a legally of financially separate entity for water supply.


In Belgium people wear clothes modeled which was influenced by French occupation. Belgium has three major languages Dutch, French and German. Some holidays are all saints day, Armistice day and Ascensiom. The two major religions are Roman Catholic and protestant. A popular food dish is crevete which consists of shrimp, mayonnaise that are stuffed into a tomato.


The general weather conditions in Belgium is normally 10 (50). The average rainfall is 732 (21). The average yearly temperature is 61 'F.


Two historical events in Belgium are in 1057-8-2 Fredrick van Lotheringen elected as 1st Belgium pope. In 1914 -8-7 German army occupies city of Liege, Belgium.

Belgium vs US (Compare and Contrast)

Belgium's religion is Roman Catholic and the united states has various religions. Belgium people speak dutch. The united states has various languages. the similarities of Belgium are the food and there government because the government is limited just like the US.