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Classroom News

- For daily homework, please check my website, the link is below. I update the homework every morning.

- Please remind your students to use their time wisely everyday. The talking during inappropriate times is a problem, please discuss this with them.

- Special Area behaviors have been a major problem. ALL special area teachers have told me how talkative my students are, and how they are having a VERY difficult time getting the students to listen. They have told me that some students are being very disrespectful to them. I know you all have raised them to be better than this because they don't do this to me, and I expect them to not do this to another teacher. I have had a talk with the students about treating other teachers and adults, how they treat me many times because this is not a new problem. But now it has gotten out of hand. Every time I go and pick them up I am hearing a bad report. Students have been warned multiple times about their behavior is special area, from now on every time a bad report is given by the special area teacher students will be given an infraction.

-Please check your student for a belt EVERYDAY. Lately more and more students are forgetting their belts. Students will now get an infraction if they do not wear a belt.

- There will be NO spelling or Vocabulary this week due to FSA Math.

- FSA Math is March 31st and April 1st. If you would like to donate breakfast foods (such as granola bars) or snack foods (such as goldfish, gummies, etc) For before and after the assessment please send it in before Thursday.

- We will be ending Unit 4 in Social Studies this week. I believe the test will be Friday. Please reread the lessons with your child and check their social Studies homework. The students will be able to use their notes on the assessment.

- For Math this week we will be doing a review of all the things they have learned this year, and doing some test prep skills. We will be taking 2 days of Mock FSA Math tests a session 1 and session 2 each for 80 minutes, so they get use to sitting for that long.

- Also the next novel study will be starting after Reading FSA. The next novel is Eight Keys by Suzanne LaFleur. Please go ahead and get the book so they will have it in time.

- Next book will be Crytid Hunter by Roland Smith

- please make sure your child get a good night sleep Wednesday and Thursday night, as well as eats a good breakfast Thursday and Friday Morning.

Upcoming Birthdays!

what we are learning this week!

LA: Test taking Strategies and practice passages (TEST Friday)

- All the reading skills have been taught, now its time to review all the skills with practice passages. We will also be reviewing test taking strategies.

Math: Review Skills (FSA Thursday and Friday)

- A review packet will be coming home on Monday, please work on this with your student nightly, it will be due on Friday. Please make sure they are working out each and every problem.

Social Studies: Unit 4: Florida in Modern Times (TEST Friday)

- Students will be able to use their unit notebook on the test. Please reread the lessons with them nightly.

Spelling Words and Vocabulary

Their is no Spelling or Vocabulary this week!

Classroom Needs!

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