By: Harjot and Karman

Description of Drug

The drug methamphetamine a crystal clear drug that varies in colours like blue, purple, brown and green. This drug can be consumed as an inhalant, a pill and injection. When the drug in taken you experience increased BP increased heart rate and hallucination. (Etingoff, 2013)
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Street Names

- Crank

- Tweak

- Glass

- Ice

- Speed

(Drug Abuse Facts, 2016)

Long Term Effects

- Cardiovascular problems (increased heart rate, heart failure and stroke)

- Brain damage

- Memory loss

(Etingoff, 2013)

- Destructive behavior

- Risks of STD's

- Not able to organize thoughts

(Drug Abuse Facts, 2016)

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Short Term Effects

- Paranoia

- Increased heart beats per minute

- Start to feel uncomfortable because of changed in body

(Etingoff, 2013)

- Heart stroke

- Blurred vision

- Head aches

- Dry mouth

(Drug Abuse Facts, 2016)

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Legal Or Illegal?

Meth is illegal because created from chemicals substances and ingredients that can be bought in grocery stores. This substance makes people have irregular and inappropriate behavior.

Canadian Statistics

- Crystal meth usage has increased significantly in Canada

- In Canada meth and ecstasy have a big connection together for example most meth does contain ecstasy and the same with ecstasy

(Drug Abuse Facts, 2016)

The unseen face of meth use
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