Ms. Jackie & Ms. Luciane's

Happy New Years

Your babies have grown so much since "last year!" We tried a few new things today and were extremely impressed by how well they did. They sat at the table for snack like they were four! They are also walking on the rope around the church and doing awesome.

Making Packing Easier For You

If you would like to send in one of the plastic bibs with your child's name written on it, we can wipe clean and store in the classroom for you. If there are any other things we can store for you, we'd be more than happy. Just let us know.

Notes from the coaches...

A Toy Story DVD was found after drop off this morning and we're not sure who it belongs to. If it is yours, please see Shana.

McKenzie Causey has taken a full-time position as a Waumba Land Groups Director at Gwinnett. Weekday will need someone from 1:30-4:30 in our twos classroom Monday through Thursday. If you know of anyone, please let Haley know.