A Blazing Fire On Jay Mountain-Mac

On November 20 there was a blazing fire on blue jay mountain.It was unknown of how it got started,but before anything was announced student and teachers had a picnic on jay mountain.The church has been evacuated and backed a safe distance away.Although some kids were stuck inside the church screaming for help.Two unknown boys jumped in the church through a window and saved them just as it collapsed.

Gaven Farrel

Obituary-Aidan Reitz

Weather-Aidan Reitz

Here in Windrixville Oklahoma there will be a chance of light rain, and fog.

Unlike yesterday's 72 degree weather it will only get to about 65 degrees and a low of about 56 degrees.

Crime stopper's-Emaily langley



Wanted for questioning

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Crime stopppers-Emaily langley




call crime stoppers if These criminals have been seen!!!

Opinions of Bob Sheldon's Murder-Berenice monge

November 20,1969 Opinion and weather


Dally:I think that when Johnny killed Bob at the fountain was just self defence because they were all drunk and jumped them. Since one of Bob’s friends was drowning Ponyboy; Johnny just acted in self defence because Ponyboy is just like his brother. Plus they both rescued 5 little kids from the fire so they should not be charged.

Sherri: I meet Johnny before and he seemed like one of the kids who treats his friends like they’re family, but I don’t like that fact that he killed my boyfriend Bob. I didn’t like it when Bob got drunk and then did stupid things like jump people, but he had a good side when he wasn’t drunk and I miss Bob very much.

Pauline: I saw a blue mustang pull up close to the park around where I live. There was two teenage boys that were in that park. There was about five or six boys come out of the car. They looked drunk. The boys took one boy with greased hair to a fountain and was drowning him. There was a couple others who were taking on another boy also with greased hair. His face looked mad as they were drowning his friend he attacked really hard back and it looked like he died I think that he should be charged for man killing.

sports-Berenice monge

Laura Esotina scored 20 goals in 30 seconds during her little body huge power soccer competition for girls. She became a legend and hard competition for the future. She is now 15 years old and it’s been 8 years since she has accomplished this. No one has been able to beat her high score and the closest anyone has gotten to beating it has been Sarah Whitecher with 16 goals in 30 seconds. Laura says “I still enjoy playing soccer but i’m more into basketball now and hope to make that my future.” I wonder what this young and talented lady will do next.