2nd & 3rd Grade

Class Newsletter

Week of May 2


A few more weeks and we are into Summer. Please plan family time accordingly. Sometimes we think children need to be constantly busy. BUT, there is always the library, family picnics, cleaning the garden, washing the family car together on a hot day, and so many more 'FAMILY' activities; not just summer camp; and most especially go to Sunday mass.

Language Arts

We are finishing up our James and the Giant Peach paperback novel. And through the wonderful generosity of Flynn Gilbert we will watch the DVD when we are done.

I am sure the children are probably looking forward to our next book. I just love seeing children wanting to find out what happens next.

Spelling is and will keep going on. I will now try to have children write those words out to at least look at them once in a while.

2nd Grade words come from the memory list in their Superkids Workbook so you can always find the list there.

3rd Grade words can also be found in their Journeys Notebook (workbook)

Please take a few minutes a day to at least have your child say and spell the word to you.

Math is looking at lines, shapes, surfaces

Ask your child to identify shapes around the home, neighborhood, at the grocery store, anywhere and everywhere.

Here are the vocabulary you can stress - triangles, quadrilateral: square, rectangle, kite, rhombus, trapezoid; circle, sphere, cube, rectangular prism, cone, cylinder.

We have discussed lines, angles, line segments, parallel lines, intersecting lines.

This may seem like a lot but it will all come together somehow.

I did not even mention yet; pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, octagon, nonagon, decagon, and dodecagon.

Ask the children for they know they see an octagon at the stop sign everyday.

But Math is fun and they seem to love it.

First Communion Practice

Tuesday, May 3 at 6:00 PM at Holy Rosary Church

School mass this Thursday, May 5 is also the Crowning of Mary so please have your child bring fresh flowers to present to Mary.

We will also witness the baptism of our children Anderson Smith, Lucy Puryear and Flynn Gilbert.

This Thursday will also be our celebration of Cinco de Mayo lunch so please have your children bring it in disposable containers or if you simply must use returnable containers make sure it is labeled. I will try really hard to get it back to you.


Saturday, May 7 Gala Night

Memorial Day Weekend - May 27-30; No Classes