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June 2022, Joyful Teaching! Joyful Learning!

From the Principal's Desk . . . Jacqueline Cubberly

Hello Brookwood,

I hope this message finds you well.

It is hard to believe that this is June and we are approaching the end of another school year.

We have all grown socially, emotionally and academically. Together, staff, students and parents impact one another, and it is our goal to have them be positive impacts.

Please take a moment to see how important the first five years of life are, from the perspective of a child. This made me smile, laugh and almost cry. Please share this with anyone you know who has or is going to have a child. EVERY ONE OF US MATTERS, in the life a child!

Have a fantastic summer. Be safe and well.

Jacqueline Cubberly


6/7/22 9:30 - Title 1 Parent Meeting, all are welcome

6/8/22 Day of Awesomeness - from our Fall Fundraiser - ALL students participate and PTO will be providing Kono Ice for everyone - Thank you FAMILIES and PTO!

6/10/22 9:45 - Fourth & Fifth Grade Field Day and 1:00 - Second & Third Grade Field Day, rain or shine

6/13/22 1:00 - Kindergarten & First Grade Field Day - rain or shine

6/14/22 10:00 - 5th Grade Move Up Event - your child's teacher will send out a flyer

6/15/22 10:00 - Kinder - Bration - your child's teacher will send out a flyer

6/16/22 Last Day of School - EARLY DISMISSAL @1:15 pm

2022 - 2023 Calendar

9/1/22 Kindergarten Orientation

9/6/22 Students' First Day of School


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SEL - Social Emotional Learning "SPOTLIGHT" Project

Social Emotional Learning Spotlight (Voluntary)

Brookwood’s Social Emotional Learning Committee announceed its first ever Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Spotlight, in honor of National Social Emotional Learning Day. We encouraged all students to create essays, poems, stories, skits, illustrations, videos, etc. in response to multiple questions around Social Emotional Learning.

Details: All participants received a certificate for participating in the SEL Spotlight. In addition, our Social Emotional Learning Committee reviewed all submissions and planned on picking the top 5, based upon creativity, thoughtfulness, quality of response, theme expression (social emotional learning), and originality, to share at a Board meeting.

We found that all of the submissions were excellent and worthy of being "SPOTLIGHTED" at a Board Meeting!

Brookwood Students who were "SPOTLIGHTED" at the May 23,2002 School Board Meeting

Congratulations, we are so proud of you!

Gabriella Jensen- 1st Grade- Ms. Grieco

Kendal Bechter- 1st Grade- Ms. Grieco
Zara Mansaray- 1st Grade- Ms. Grieco

Cecilia Walsh- 3rd Grade- Mrs. Hause
Savannah Rose Albeser- 3rd Grade- Mrs. Morris
Mackenzie Cousin- 3rd Grade- Mrs. Rosenfeld

Laila Avanesov- 3rd Grade- Mrs. Temple

Julie Trzaskawka- 4th Grade- Mrs. Krusen
Kaylee Herman- 4th Grade- Mrs. Krusen
Melody Walsh- 4th Grade- Mr. Rinkevich

Justin Rodriguez- 4th Grade- Ms. Everitt & Mr. Whetstine
Carter Propper- 4th Grade- Ms. Everitt & Mr. Whetstine

Anthonie Jimenez- 4th Grade- Ms. Everitt & Mr. Whetstine

Ramir Love- 4th Grade- Ms. Everitt & Mr. Whetstine

Angelea Chalfant- 5th Grade- Ms. Everitt & Mrs. Golembesky
Dan Doe- 5th Grade- 5th Grade- Ms. Everitt & Mrs. Golembesky
Brayden Sweeney- 5th Grade- Ms. Everitt & Mrs. Golembesky

PSSA Letters of Encouragement!

Third graders reading letters of encouragement from 2nd grade Buddies!

CONGRATULATIONS to our 5th Grade Students!

On Wednesday, May 18, 2022 our 5th grade students participated in the

5th Grade Spirit Day at Truman High School's football stadium, against Mill Creek and Keystone.


Teamwork and School Spirit brought us together! .

Kindergarten and Fifth Grade Buddies


Weather permitting, please join us on our field to the right of Brookwood, when your child(ren) are participating.

June 10th and June 13th, 2022

Fourth and Fifth Grade students – Friday, June 10, 2022 at 9:45 AM.

Second and Third Grade students – Friday, June 10, 2022 at 1:00 PM.

Kindergarten and First Grade students – Monday, June 13, 2022 at 1:00 PM.

Please note that parking is limited, so if you can carpool, that would be great.

Mr. Terry, our Physical Education Teacher, will set up the field with a designated area for parents and guardians to sit or stand. Feel free to bring a lawn chair or blanket.

Please note that there is no smoking or vaping on school grounds and dogs are not permitted.

Let the Games Begin!

Jett Brooks: PE Teacher for day

Congratulations for winning the Jump Rope for Heart!

Jett Brooks, a current 2nd grader in Mrs. Smith's class will be Physical Education Teacher for a day.

Jett received this honor for raising the most money in Jump Rope for Heart back in 2020 as a kindergarten student.

Due to the pandemic last year, Jett will finally receive his well earned opportunity to assist Mr. Terry in his PE classes for a day.

Congrats to Jett Brooks for being an awesome Brookwood student!

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Students of the Month - May 2022

Students of the Month

May 2022


Ivey Loftus

Shane Owens

Rylee Moser

Rue Warner

Angel Santiago-Garcia

Joshua Leonardi

Savannah McCarty

1st grade

Leyla Gokce

Ashton Martin

Corey Farmer

Luis Lopez

Emmanuel Serrato

Sophia Goodman

2nd grade

Mason Cross

Liam Kearns

Haley Hazel

Leland Elko

Jaevyn Gay

Betul Yilmaz

Skylar Whipple

3rd grade

Angel Santos

Trent Debois

Nyomi Neill

Max Abdelwahabe

Martin Gallagher

Laila Avanesov

4th grade

Keith Lustica

Kaylee Herman

Gabriella Montoya Long

Matthew Gushue

Hailey Gordon

Liam Spolar

Noah Leonardi

5th grade

Kierstin Creely

Eric Gilmore

Sophia Dorman

Jacob Masucci

Jaxson Baldwin

Nevaeh Vazquez

First Grade

Students working together in groups using creativity with building and problem solving!

4th and 5th grade student learning about the metamorphosis of the caterpillar into butterflies


The Importance of Structure and Routine this Summer

( from

According to the Centers for Disease Control, keeping a consistent routine has benefits for both children and parents. Structure not only helps children deal with stress but can also help teach children responsibility and self-control.

There are three keys to creating structure: consistency, predictability and follow-through. For example, take nap time. Enforcing a consistent time and keeping on a regular schedule will help children know when to expect nap-time to occur, meaning less frustration, confusion and stress (for everyone!).

For school aged children, their school environment provides a lot of the structure and routine that children need to thrive. This summer break, try some of these simple suggestions to help create a consistent summer routine for your children.

Creating a Summer Routine

  • Create a daily schedule and put it in a place everyone will see it. Create a schedule for your family (an example provided by the CDC can be found here) and hang it where your child can see it each day. Try to keep times consistent, for example having lunch every day at 12:00, nap time every day at 2:00, etc.

  • Include chores alongside fun activities on the schedule. Letting your child know what you expect is critical to your relationship. Keeping chores as a consistent part of the schedule can help cut down on the frustration of doing chores since your children will know what to expect ahead of time.

  • Have your child check off each activity as the day goes on. This will help your child look forward to exciting activities and feel accomplished when each is done! Keeping fun items alongside boring ones like chores can help your children stick to their routines.

  • Keep it positive! Reward your child for following a daily routine with good behavior. For example, you can use stars for every item your child does in their routine without complaint, and give a certain reward, like a trip to get ice cream, after your child has accumulated a certain number of stars. For more inspiration, check out this sample reward chart.

Helpful resources from the CDC:

"Using Structure and Rules: Can We Make it Simple?"

"Using Time Out"

"Building Structure"