Harrison Elementary Library Update

What's new in the library?

By the numbers

  • __________ students came to the library for class this year
  • __________ books were checked out this year
  • __________ books per student in our library
  • __________average age of our collection
  • __________% of students could effectively evaluate a source by the end of the year
  • __________hours the TL spent in classrooms
  • __________students participated in Battle of the Books
  • __________times the ABC-CLIO was used by our students
  • __________books added to the collection
  • __________average age of our collection

And don't forget to read comments from our recent staff and student surveys here!

Minute by Minute

Take a look at this weekly calendar to see how the TL spends her time!

5th graders make podcasts about study skills: listen to one below!

kate lechtenberg

Abby's podcast by kate lechtenberg

Students ask questions online

Last year, the TL created an online form for students to complete when they had a question about their research. They provided their email addresses, and the TL responded via email within 24 hours. Check out their questions here.