School Transfers Info 2019 - 2020

Whitharral ISD

Whitharral 2019-2020 Transfer Information Grades 1-12

Looking for a community-based atmosphere, differentiated learning, small teacher to student ratio, and a place that feels like home? Then Whitharral ISD is the place for you!! Call 806-299-1135 x 201 or email Principal Nick McCollister at to get more information or a tour of the school.

Parents of children wishing to attend Whitharral ISD for the first time will need to come to the principal’s office and complete the required papers. Due to applicable State and Federal guidelines, application for transfer does not guarantee admittance into Whitharral ISD.

Parents of children (who reside outside of the Whitharral School District and currently attend Whitharral ISD as a transfer student) should receive required transfer papers from the superintendent’s office by mail or from your child’s teacher. Transfer papers need to be completed and returned by Friday, May 11, 2019. If you happened to miss the May date just give us a call to set up a meeting. If your child is currently a transfer student and you did not receive transfer papers in the mail for your child/children, please contact the front office. Thank you for letting us teach your child/children!! Each student here plays a crucial role in making Whitharral ISD an exceptional place.