My Mission Statement

By Diana Hernandez

Ready for Collage

In order to be ready for collage my goal is to graduate the Early Collage with a high school diploma and a two year associate degree. My goal is to get into the collage of my choice which at the moment is ECU and major in dental hygiene.

Ready for Career

In order to get ready for my career I'll have to graduate collage and university with a dental hygiene major. Also I will have to find a good job and location, that offers a reasonable salary and environment.

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Ready for Life

For me to succeed in life I will have to graduate high school, collage, and/or university with all the degrees and majors needed. Also I will I find a job that pays reasonable with a good environment as well. My short term goal is to get straight A's at the end of my sophomore year. My Long term goal is to do finish collage and/or university with all my majors and degrees.

"I believe if you work your hardest and put your mind to it, you can achieve anything." -Diana Hernandez