Andrew Jackson

Nullification Crisis

In 1832 Jackson passed the tariff of 1832. The people in South Carolina disliked this tariff because they got most of their things from out of the country. They tried nullifying the tariff, but when that didn't work they threatened to secede. Congress then passed the "force bill" which allowed Jackson to use force to make people pay their taxes. Henry Clay then helped come up with a compromise which lowed the tariffs. That then ended the nullification crisis.

Indian Removal Act

Jackson wanted the land in Georgia that the Native Americans had. This land had gold and room to grow crops. He got congress to pass the Indian removal act to allow him to force them off their land. They were promised food, shelter and medical help if they moved to Oklahoma.

Trail of Tears

The Cherokee tribe refused to leave. Jackson sent an army to forcefully move them out. It was a long journey. Many died because of the harsh winters and disease.
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This was from when he decided to veto the national bank. He didn't like the bank because he thought it helped rich people more than average people. Its showing him trying to defeat a monster which represents the bank.


I can't believe South Carolina would ever want to secede! The tariffs are amazing. Andrew Jackson did a great job by telling them he'd send an army in. It's what they deserve. They could just go to manufacturing like us in the north.


How could he do something like this to me and my people? We were just minding our own business and he comes in and forces us out of our homes. We had to walk hundreds of miles, many of us died. Anyone that could do this is a terrible president and a terrible leader of this country.