Duke University

Durham, North Carolina

Introduction to Duke University

Duke was established in 1838 by Methodists and Quakers in North Carolina. Duke University's ranking in the 2016 edition of Best Colleges is whopping 8. With a total of 14,950 student, 7,490 men and 7,460 women which is almost a 1 to 1 ratio.

Appilication & Requirements

The application process for Duke University includes a Common Application, 2 Personal Essays explaining the applicants interest in the University, and an interview with Admission Officers. The average GPA for incoming freshman is a 4.19, with an SAT score of 2250 or ACT score of 34. The applicant must also pay $85 for the Application Fee.

Cost & Scholarships

Annual tuition for undergraduates is approximately $50,000 with an additional $15,000 for room and board. There are many scholarships but two that stood out were:

AB Duke Scholarship- It was created to recognize young men and women who are excellent in their fields. It covers full tuition and allows the student to study for 1 summer at Oxford University.

Trinity Scholarship- Covers full tuition , room and board, and books and supplies. Also offers $6,000 grant in research.

Health Care Majors

  • Biology
  • Biophysics
  • Bioinformatics
  • Neuroscience
  • Global Health
  • Pre-Health

Biology Major

No secondary application for admission to the biology department is required and the needs are the same for acquiring admission into Duke. The only specific need is that students complete sufficient Biology, Chemistry, Physics and mathematics courses. One hundred seventy students are annually admitted into the on campus biology program. The mandatory courses for the Bachelors of Science degree program include: 1 General Chemistry, 1 Organic Chemistry, 1 Calculus, 1 Biostatistics, 2 Physics, 10 Biology and 5 Biology Electives, and Lab work. In addition, some humanities electives and basics are required.

Forty percent of graduates continue to Medical School, thirty percent attend a graduate program in Biology and the rest pursue employment in labs, teaching, business, law, or volunteer work.


I find Duke University to be very appealing because of the undergraduate academic program, their campus activities as well as a variety of opportunities to pursue higher education. Campus Life is geared towards making the students feel at home.

I hope to have the opportunity to attend a fine educational institution such as Duke to pursue my academic and future dreams.

Personal Reflection

What interests you in this college?

The campus of Duke University is beautiful and has a great chapel. The dorms are also quite nice as well as Duke Gardens. There are many health options for undergraduate students. Graduate school offers many different opportunities including a recognized medical program. I liked the student activities as well.

What obstacles do you face?

I think I would love to attend Duke University. However it will be a challenge because its admissions process is very rigorous and competitive. I will need to improve my standardized test scores. I will also need to be hardworking to improve my overall GPA in Junior and Senior year of high school. Tuition is quite expensive and being out of state I will probably need to obtain some financial aid.

After doing more research on this college are you more or less interested in attending?

After learning more about this college I feel that even though the admissions process is difficult I am still interested in it because it is a very respected university. I will get to learn with other top students from around the world and will also learn from them. I will get a world class level education. I will get the opportunity to attend events from top class performers. I will learn to be independent.

Ishaan Hattangady

Principles of Health Science 2nd Period

Mrs. Castillo

May 15th, 2016