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Lakeview Family Newsletter - March 8

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School Safety - important info

Families - There was an incident at E.W. Luther after school on Thursday in which a stranger approached a student. Please read this letter about the incident and talk to your children about stranger danger.

Why does attendance matter?

Attendance facts
Routines to support attendance

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, March 13

All-school Admiral's game - see below

Thursday, March 14

PTO Meeting 6-7 p.m. in the Lakeview library

Tuesday, March 19

Lakeview concert - see below

Thursday, March 21

Rollaero Family Skate Night 5-7 p.m.

Admiral's Game Field Trip

Every year, all Kindergarten through 5th grade students go to an Admiral's hockey game to celebrate the joy of reading. Admiral players have been visiting us throughout the school year to read to classrooms, and now, we get to visit them and watch a game. The field trip is on Wednesday, March 13. Here are a few things to remember:

• Please wear your free, blue Admiral's shirts received in September.

• Every student should bring a cold lunch in a paper lunch bag. We eat during the game.

• 4K has a regular day of school and does not attend the hockey game.

• Students need to be on time to school. Once the buses leave, nobody will be at school except our 4K teachers and students. Even our secretaries go to the hockey game with us.

• We are back before the end of the day and dismissal will be at 3:35 as normal.

• March 13 counts as a day of school and students that do not attend will be marked absent for the day.

Lakeview Music Concert

Be sure to mark your family calendars for Lakeview's annual concert! On March 19 at 6:30 p.m. at the SMPAC (high school auditorium), our students will present a concert all about "occupations". You can find out detailed information about the evening at

Tardy update

School starts at 8:30 a.m. Here is an update on the tardy data from the last newsletter:

From February 13 to February 20 (6 school days)

• 81 individual students that were tardy at least once,

• Those 81 students had a total of 133 tardies,

• That equates to 26% of our students tardy in that time period,

• 11% of our students were tardy more than once in that time period.

From February 26 to March 7 (6 school days)

• 65 individual students tardy at least once,

• Those 65 students had a total of 111 tardies,

• That equates to 22% of our student tardy in that time period,

• 12% of our students were tardy more than once in that time period.

To summarize: We have seen a decrease in the number of students tardy and fewer tardies overall, but we have a small core of students who continue to be tardy multiple days per week. We are working on contacting those families to ensure students are on time every day.

Math Homework Help Session

Our final math homework help session of the year is on Monday, March 11 at Blakewood. Parents or guardians from any SM elementary school may attend. The topic for the grade 2 session will be "Working with story problems" and the topic for grades 3-5 will be "Division strategies". Click this link for the flyer which contains times and more information.

March Technology Tips

Balancing Technology & Life - Screen Time Tech Tips from a Tech Camp CEO

It’s a struggle that plays out daily in homes around the world. We are all pulled between our family time and using technology. Sometimes it feels like the technology we use in our homes, keep in our pockets and even check out from our schools continually interrupt our relationships and freetime. At times, technology use can feel like a fast moving train and we have no choice but to hop on and hang on for the ride. Families do however have the power and ability to apply the brakes and steer the technology train in new and positive directions. In this article, Balancing Technology & Life - Screen Time Tech Tips from a Tech Camp CEO, technology professional Pete Ingram-Cauchi shares his tips and tricks to preserving family time by limiting screen time and providing family examples of how technology can be balanced and leveraged in positive ways.

Shoe Fundraiser for Lakeview

All of you have been so generous this year by donating to our food drives (which went to our local Human Concerns) and to the coin war (which went to a health clinic in Africa). Here is another way to be generous and get some Spring cleaning done at the same time! If your house is like mine, this one is easy ...

Starting Tuesday, February 26, you can send donations of new or gently used shoes, boots, and sandals to school. Lakeview PTO gets 40 cents/pound and the shoes are recycled to help others. If you have a bunch of old kid's shoes, you can send the entire box to us! This fundraiser will end on April 16, so if you need some time to clean out those old shoes and send them to Lakeview, you've got it. The only things you cannot send are roller skates or ice skates. Please click this link for more info about the fundraiser.