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The Big Catalina Wine Mixer

On Saturday the 14th of June the Roc like Riverview Fellas versed their Arch Nemesis The Jobbernowl Joey’s. The first match of the Day was the View 1sts versing Joey’s 1sts at 11:00am. This match was very big for Joey’s due to the last match against Riverview being the 2012 GPS Finals with Riverview beating Joey’s and taking out the 2012 GPS Cup. Leaving Joey’s seeing pink. The 1st’s match was anything but a snoozefest with tackles and tries left, right and center. Why the Roc name well for all you non arabian bird watchers a Roc is an Enormous and Legendary Arabian Bird who swoops on their prey. In this case our Enormously Legendary Arabian Bird was the stunning player No. 12 Tom Molloy with his great try. Tom Molloy’s try but with great teamwork. Firstly Jack Bowditch the living tank ran from the View 45 metre out straight into the midst of Joey’s players covering the distance from where he was to the Joey’s Tryline then when right at the try line was tackled down. Then he gave it to the View Boy Clan no. 5 Beau Petterson who nicely passed it to no.10 Jack McGregor who ran dummyed for the try line and sneakily passed it to Tom Molloy who swooped down on the try line. The endgame was a nail bitingly 38 points To the View Boys and 29 points To the Jobbernowl Joey’s. With 5 Tries Under our belt versus Joey’s 5. Started a fierce deadlock. But thankfully with our talented Goal Kickers Jack McGregory & Bill Freemen. We managed to sweep 5/5 conversions and 1/1 penalty goals And with no missed conversions we completely annihilated Joey’s measly 2/5 conversions it was a great match on the behalf of the 1st View Rugby Team. So all in all not your daily stroll in the park but in fact a gathering of the best warrior from each clan. This Catalina Wine Mixer turned out our way which made for lots of celebration!

Written By Henry Mansour

Reported By Henry Mansour

Vicious Victories

Today’s Dignified defeat of the week is the Joey’s 14 F's who were beaten by the Riverview 14 G’s. in a 75 - 0 Score going the View Boys way. One of the Riverview Coaches after the match quoted “That was a shameful loss for Joey’s. We expected more”. According to View Clan supporters the closest Joey’s got to the riverview tryline was the 15 meters out. Highlights include a Mid-Air behind the head corner try by winger Rob De Ambrosis. An exciting fifty metre run of destruction by No.8 Joe Darcy and probably one of the best Highlights was a EIGHTY meter run then scoring a try by 14 G’s Prop John Paul.

Written By Henry Mansour

Reported By Rob De Ambrosis