By: Nimisha Jain


The point of the game is to score runs by hitting a thrown ball with a bat, and touching 4 bases which are arranged on the corners of a 90-feet diamond field. Players on batting team take turns hitting the thrown ball. The pitcher is the player who throws the ball which the batting team hits. The fielding team is the team who tries to catch the ball that the batting team hits. The teams switch between fielding and batting whenever the fielding team records that the batting team got 3 outs. An out is when the batter misses hitting the thrown ball. One turn at batting is an inning and nine innings make up a baseball game. Baseball is thought of as the national sport of U.S. Developed form older bat and ball games, the older version of baseball was being played in England, and then this game was brought to North America by immigrants. Over here the more modern version of baseball got developed. Baseball is played by2 teams which each have 9 players.

Baseball Positions

Pitcher-Have to have endurance, control, stamina, strength

Catcher-Have to have tough and quick reflexes, no fear of the ball

First Baseman-Have to be agile

Second Baseman-Have to be quick and have good fielding skills

Third Baseman-Have to have sharp reflexes

Shortstop-Have good range

Left Fielder-Strong arm, good perception, focused

Center Fielder -Strong arm, good perception, focused

Right Fielder-Strong arm, good perception, focused

The Perfect Pitch

BaSeBaLL FoReVeR!!!!!

The Rules

To the start off the game, the umpire says "Play"

The ball is then thrown by the pitcher.

The batter tries to hit the ball.

If he misses hitting the ball, then the catcher behind him catches it.

When, the batter misses hitting the ball, that is called an out.

If the batting teams gets three outs, they switch to the fielding team, and the fielding team becomes the batting team.

This time period that they play for is called an inning.

There are 9 innings in a baseball game.

They don't stop playing, until there is a foul.

When there is a foul, and the umpire calls "Time", everything in motion stops.

Th only time where you can continue playing even though he called it, is when the ball is still in play, then the batter can continue running the bases.

Below you will see a picture of an umpire signaling that the hitter is safe.

Running Bases

After, the batter has hit the ball, he will run to first base, then second, then third, if he has the time. The fielders on the oppsite team will try to catch the ball before it touches the ground, they then try to tag runners who are not touching a base at that moment.

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