ISIS Project

Isaac Johnson

What is ISIS and what are their goals?

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, a formerly al-Qaeda–aligned organization known by the acronym ISIS, has been seizing cities in Iraq, carrying out mass killings, and marching toward Baghdad. The Onion breaks down what you need to know about the Sunni Islamist militant group that is suddenly at the forefront of international news. Their goals are are to establish a new Islamic caliphate across the middle east.

ISIS killing journalists

There were five TV reporters that had their throats slit. They had been missing since August and they were found outside the eastern city of al-Bayda in the Green Mountain forest. They were reportedly kidnapped at an ISIS checkpoint and "slaughtered."

Other ways they execute people

They have many ways of killing "intruders" and they have videos for proof. They have tied people up and drug them around on the streets which is one of the worst ones in my opinion another way they have is by putting you in a cage and lighting you on fire. Other ways would be slitting your throat or having you digging your own grave and shooting you and they are known to crucify people too.