What do ELEPHANTS look like?

What is the BIGGIST animal on Earth? Did you guess an elephant you are right. They have gray skin. They have VERY big ears. Asian elephants have smaller ear than an African elephant. They can weigh up 5'000-14'000 POUNDS! Very little Asian elephant have tusks. All African elephants have tusks. They can travel up to 435 miles. They have only three nails on each foot. They have a long nose called a trunk. They have a tail like a rope. They have four feet. They have big feet. Their foot prints look like a big circle in the ground.

What do ELEPHANTS eat?

Elephants eat papayas. Papayas are a green fruit. They drink water they get it in sterems. Elephants eat plants they find on the ground. Elephants eat tree bark they find on trees.

How do ELEPHANTS protect themselves?

Are you guessing how elephants protect themselves? They hold tails. They stay in groups. They can run from danger. They stick together. Baby elephants stick with their mom. They make loud to worn the herd. They use their tusks.

Where do ELEPHANTS live?

Are you guessing where elephants live? They live in Africa. It is very hot. They live in Asia. They live in South Africa. They live in North Africa. There is not very much water where they live. They live in Mali.


A calf is a baby elephant. A mate is a male or a female in a pair. A habitat is a place where animals live. Livestoctoch is a place where people how rise animals. A herbivore is an animal that only eats plants. A poacher is someone how hurts animals. A herd is a large group of wild animals. When a group of animals and goes from place to place is called a migraph.