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The Pennsylvania Department of Health mandates annual health screenings for all students. Traditionally, these screenings are performed throughout the school year by a school nurse in the student’s school. They can also be performed by a private physician as part of the mandated physical examinations required for grades K, 6 and 11 or at yearly “well checks”. Frequently, physician offices are unable to perform all of the mandated screenings (see below) and some insurance plans do not cover all of the screenings. In order to provide complete health screenings, PA Virtual will be performing free screenings at several locations throughout the school year. You are welcome to attend any site that is posted on the Pupil Health Blackboard site. No RSVP is necessary.

In case of inclement weather, cancellations will be noted on Blackboard’s Calendar and a Parent Organization Announcement will be posted.

Bethlehem Health Screening Bethlehem Public Library

Tuesday, March 4th, 10am

11 W Church St

Bethlehem, PA

Please See Assigned Times Listed Below

TIMES: Listed below are times that your family has been scheduled for screening. If your assigned time conflicts with your school schedule (i.e. synchronous class, meeting, etc.), it is fine to come at another assigned time.

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What to bring?


A quiet activity

A smile!

Having Scoliosis Screening?

Girls-wear a sports bra or bathing suit top under your shirt

Boys– Wear a shirt that is easy to remove

*All students are mandated to have a health screening every year, every grade!

Not Attending?

Students who do not attend a PA Virtual screening site must submit a Health Screen form (below) completed by their private physician.

Physician Health Screen:

What is a Health Screening?


All grades:

Height & Weight- purpose is to monitor growth and development patterns of students and to identify students who may be at nutritional risk or may have a common nutritional problem.

Body Mass Index (BMI) – a weight for stature index frequently used to help determine whether a student is within a normal growth pattern, overweight, at risk of becoming overweight or underweight.

Far & Near Visual Acuity Tests - purpose is to identify and refer students with possible vision problems to an eye care professional for further examination, diagnosis and if necessary, treatment and follow-up.

Grade 1:

Color Vision Test –purpose is to identify students with difficulty identifying certain colors.

Convex Lens Test- purpose is to identify students with excessive farsightedness.

Stereo/Depth Perception Test- purpose is to identify students who may not be able to blend images correctly or to perceive three-dimensional space.

Grades K to 3, 7 and 11:

Hearing Test- purpose is to identify and refer students with possible hearing impairments to a physician/hearing specialist for further examination, diagnosis and if necessary, treatment and follow-up.

Grades 6 and 7:

Scoliosis- purpose is to detect possible curvature of the spine in children. If the condition is detected early and appropriately treated, progressive spinal deformity may be prevented.

If you have any questions or concerns please call

Karen Skillman, School Nurse

Phone: 484- 680-7742