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Winston Churchill/Ptolemaic Kingdon 305BCE 30BCE

Winston churchill

Winston Churchill Early Life.

According to Bins, the main idea about the subject is Winston did many great things in his life. Winston Churchill was born on November 30 1874 in England near Oxford University. He was a really big trouble maker. His parents were not around when Winston and his brother were going up. His parents where ether in a Different country together or in two different countries so they hired Elizabeth Everest to take care of the boys while they where go. About six two seven years later in 1880 hits brother Jack was born. He got in trouble at school a lot and his father did not like this at all. He sent letters to his mother when she was away. She wrote him back.

Winston Churchills Military Career.

"Winston Churchill Started at Sandhurst in the autumn of 1893," states Binns. Churchill was a little of a Writer and his second book was called The River War and he had written it during 1898 and 1899 and was published in the last couple of months in 1899. In 1899 he entered into Politics,"Winston ran in an election to replace the member of parliament (MP) for Oldham who had died. Oldham is in north England. Churchill lost by 1,300 votes. states Binns." Churchill returned home in 1900 in July. He went to his mothers second wedding and her new husband Captain George Cornwallis-west was only 16 days older then Churchill.

The Ptolemaic Dynasty.

The Ptolemaic dynasty was founded by Ptolemy the son of leagues a general of Alexander the Great.Alexander the great died in 323BCE. The Ptolemaic era is unjustly neglected. While Ptolemy 1st and Cleopatra the 6th are perhaps the best know rulers. The Hellenistic Macedonian royal family which ruled the Ptolemaic empire in Egypt for nearly 300 years. They ruled from 305BCE To 30BCE. Ptolemy a somatophylax one of the sever Body guards who served as Alexander the Great generals. A flourishing center of learning and scholarship Ptolemaic Egypt gave the world the Greek translation of the Heberw Bible.
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