Teacher Appreciation Week!

Brentmoor Elementary May 5-May 9. 2014

Join us in celebrating!

Join us in celebrating Brentmoor's wonderful group of teachers! PTA is sponsoring a week of fun activities and we need your help! Throughout the week, we are asking students to honor their teachers by saying, 'Thank You'. This could be in the form of a special picture, letting their teacher know something that has 'stuck' with them during this year, or even picking some dandelions for them! This week will be a 'dress up' week, too!

Here is how your family can participate!

Dress Up For Your Teacher Days!

Monday: Dress up like a teacher!

Tuesday: Dress up like a scientist!

Wednesday: Dress up like your favorite character from a book!
Thursday: Dress up (fancy) day!

Friday: Dress up like what you would like to be when you grow up!

Thank Your Teacher Ideas (just ideas...please feel free to do anything you would like!)

  • Pinterest has TONS of ideas if you search 'Teacher Appreciation'
  • Go to the national PTA's website for many great ideas! http://www.pta.org/parents/content.cfm?ItemNumber=3270
  • Encourage your child to write a personal note for their teacher. It may be helpful to help them start using sentence starters such as:
Thank you for.....
I love when we....
You're extra special because....
This year you have taught me.....

  • Have your child draw a picture of what they love about their teacher
  • Hand write a note to your child's teacher.

Sign up to help!

Each day during Teacher Appreciation Week, the PTA is providing a 'treat' for our teachers. If you are able to sign up to donate food or help with setting up or cleaning up, we would appreciate it! Thank you to all of those who have already helped us!

If you see something that you can do to help us, please contact Katie Romo at karomo@sbcglobal.net or at (440) 382-2043

Door signs of appreciation are needed for classroom doors! These should be 8.5x11 in size and will need to be at school by Friday, May 2 so that we can hang them up before Monday morning. These signs can be simple such as a quote about teachers or a 'thank you' or they can be more elaborate!

  • please send to school in an envelope marked 'PTA BOARD'

Monday, May 5: Teachers will have a 'Donut' you know how much we appreciate you breakfast.

Tuesday, May 6: Teachers will receive a pen/paper in their mailboxes with a sign that says, "Take note...we appreciate you!"

Wednesday, May 7:Wednesday's treats are DIPS!!! We are still in need of someone to make a fruit dip with fruit. If you have other ideas for DIP day, they are welcome as well! You would not need to make a ton as there will be 8-10 different dips for the teachers to enjoy! We are also in need of 1-2 people to help clean up the dips (~1:00)

Thursday, May 8: We are going to have chocolate treats in the teacher's mailboxes and fruit in the lounge.

Friday, May 9: The teacher's lunch will be provided by PTA

Thank you!

Thank you for helping the PTA with this special week! If you are able to volunteer or have questions/comments, please contact Katie Romo at (440) 382-2043/