North Ohio Elementary School

November 2023 Newsletter

Mark your calendar!

Wednesday, November 1st- No School for Students

Wednesday, November 15th- No School for Students

**RESCHEDULED for Thursday, November 16th- PTO Meeting @ 3:30/Mrs. Sylvester's Room**

November 23rd & 24th - Thanksgiving Break

December 8th- Kid's Night Out

December 22nd- January 1st - Winter Break

January 2nd - School Resumes


  • For the safety of our students, and to protect instructional time, edible birthday treats are not allowed at school.
  • Any changes to end of day transportation must be handled by calling the office before 1:30pm.
  • Please remember to clearly mark all boots, sweaters, hats, lunchboxes or other articles brought to school.

  • Students are not to bring personal property to school that is not needed for educational purposes, such as: electronic devices, trading cards, toys, or other items that may distract from the learning environment.

  • Please make sure to teach students good bus safety habits- no one is allowed to walk through busses during morning drop off or any time they are lined up.

Elementary Students and Sleep

Did you know that the American Academy of Sleep, along with general consensus from many health organizations, recommend 10-12 hours of sleep for children in elementary school? Students who do not regularly get enough sleep can exhibit problems with attention, learning, and behavior. Getting your child enough sleep is a big commitment, but one that we find pays off in school.

Extra Clothes

Please remember to put an extra set of clothes in your child's backpack. Mud, milk, and accidents all happen! We usually have extra shirts, so even just pants are helpful. Thank you!

North Ohio Recess

Parents, please consider winter weather conditions and make sure your child has warm outside clothing. All students go outside every day that it is above 0 degrees for a 20- minute recess. If you are in need of support for winter coats, hats, boots or gloves, please contact

Welcome, Jen Mazur!

Hi! I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself! My name is Jen Mazur and I am the new mental health therapist at NOE. I was previously a school counselor for 10 years in Illinois before moving to Michigan, where I was able to stay home and raise my kids. I am now very excited to be back working in the school setting providing therapy services to students and supporting families. The Health Department of Northwest Michigan provides families with help obtaining insurance including Medicaid, immunizations, WIC services and much more. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have. I am looking forward to an amazing school year!

Jen Mazur

Mental Health Professional

(989) 731-2648 ext.1660

Notes from PTO

I'd like to thank all of the volunteers, NOE staff, and customers for helping us put on a very successful Scholastic Book Fair this October! Thanks to your support, our PTO was able to gift $3,000 Scholastic Dollars to our school library and save up plenty of rewards for our annual Read-a-thon! We were also able to put on a fun & festive guessing game for our NOE students in celebration of Halloween - 4 lucky guessers were able to take home new books and some fun prizes.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone's submissions for the Spiritwear design contest. Submissions must be turned into the office by November 10th! Students are encouraged to submit multiple entries, if desired.

We also hope to see you at our PTO meeting on November 16th! We will be narrowing down design entries to 3 finalists and discussing plans for our December field trip to the movie theater. Please join us while your kiddos take advantage of NOE's awesome Kids Club!

-Alyssa Michalewicz

Community Resources