Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela


General Information about Venezuela

Venezuela is a Spanish-speaking country in South America with a population of about 30,405,207 people.It borders Columbia, Brazil, Guyana, and the Caribbean Sea. It is a Federal Republic which is run by President Nicholas M. Moros.
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The Flag

The Venezuelan flag is a 3 equally sized flag with seven stars on a semicircle and the coat of arms in the corner. Each color stands for something:
  • Yellow- The golds and riches in the Americas
  • Blue- The Caribbean Sea which separates it from
  • Red- The old bloody countries from Europe and including Spain, and also the blood of their fore fathers

The Venezuelan Bolivar

  • Every 1 U.S.A dollar equals 6.350 Venezuelan Bolivars
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Culture of Venezuela

Venezuela is a country full of liveliness and culture. It is popular for its religious art, which typically is painted in historically and heroic ways. There is now a new blend of modern art now. Music in Venezuela is typically classical, and the national instrument is the cuatro. The two sports played in Venezuela are baseball and the newly growing popularity of soccer. There is also lots of traditions and festivals, including the Corpus Christi Festival.

The Food of Venezuela

Typically most of them being common Spanish dishes, the most popular in Venezuela being:
  • Empanadas- Deep fried pasties that are typically filled
  • Cachapas- A pancake/crepe-like dish
  • Arepas- A bread with a filling of typically ham and cheese
  • Pabellón Criollo- Black beans, plantains, rice, and shredded meat topped with fried egg

  • Teqeńos- Small rolls filled with hot cheese or chocolate

Tourist Attractions

The large country of Venezuela is mainly a great scenic place. Some of the top 3 places to visit are Angel Falls, Margarita Island, and the Castle of La Asunción (Look below for images). Angel falls are the tallest waterfalls in the world, and offer great views from both above and below. Margarita Island is the most popular place to visit; with very big white sand beaches with a great view, large nightlife, and is also known for its snorkeling. The Castle of La Asunción is a old castle enriched with history also offering great sights of Margarita Island; a place for history lovers!