Nice to Eat You

Acts of Vampires

Vampires Vary

Stereotypical Vampires

Vampires tend to feed off people to get what they need to survive or to keep their selves lively. They walk around with a that mysterious demeanor, fangs and even a cape in some stories

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These stereotypical vampires get their energy and liveliness by taking it from another person or thing.

Some characters can also follow the stereotype of

  • Take something from someone else to feel better about themselves

Like on Twilight

Vampires are never only about vampires

“Here’s where it gets a little tricky, though: the ghost and vampires don’t always have to appear in visible forms. Sometimes the really scary bloodsuckers are entirely human.”

Knowing that a vampire does not have to be a person, the characteristic of a vampire could apply to a lot more things.

Bella uses Jacob to make herself feel more stable were she was

she followed all of the characteristics of a stereotypical vampire before she was even a real one.

Anyone can be a Vampire

or at least have the characteristics of one

by following the characteristics of a vampire, technically you are one.

Minus the fangs and cape.

"My guess is that as long as people act toward their fellows in exploitative and selfish ways, the vampire will be with us"

Foster pg
  • Placing our desires, particularly the uglier ones, above the needs of another
  • strips away youth and virtue
  • destructs a person

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