Miss Hoppes' Kindergarten

November 11th through Novemeber 15th

Weekly Update

Hello Friends! I am so proud of all of our students! Their sight word reading skills are amazing!! We have some students that are beginning to read list 3 and 4 of the Fry Sight Word sheet. I am so thrilled with their progress. Keep practicing at home because it is paying off at school! We have been busily working in Words Their Way with our sorts. Today, we sorted compound words and non compound words. We re soiled our garden this morning. With the rain coming and the cooler weather, I thought it would be a good idea for the plants to have some fresh soil. We have also been fertilizing and the plants are looking great! Yesterday, in science we took a spaceship ride into outer space! Our next science unit is going to focus on our Earth and the materials that make this planet so unique. The students are getting stronger with their number recognition skills, which is wonderful. In social studies, we have been learning all about Thanksgiving and what makes it so special. We have been discussing our schemas. Schema is what we know and how we know it. For example, a high heel shoe probably has a schema of a fancy party and can bring knowledge to the table about what happens at fancy parties and a Sperry probably has knowledge about sailboats because it has spent time on a sailboat. We have been discussing pilgrims and building our schemas (what we know) on pilgrims. Our fabulous room mothers are planning a Thanksgiving feast for next Friday. You will all be invited and more information is to follow. Have a wonderful weekend!!