By Angus

The Project

This term the science project for stage 3 was to build a 3D model of an energy efficient house, room, or building.

I chose to base my project on a cub scout/girl guide dormitory style accommodation that I slept in on my very first cub camp.

The Draft

I drafted mine to scale on a piece of paper. I did this to get a look at the dimensions of the building and also what my building would look like, and where I would install the environmentally friendly things like water tanks and solar hot water.

At this point I also started to think about what building materials I would use to make the building as sustainable as possible.

I wrote out a list of things to include in the building, like solar panels water tanks, insulation 12v lighting with batteries to improve sustainability.

My Model

I used plywood for the walls, floor and roof, packing foam for the insulation, aluminum foil for the solar panels, door stoppers for the water tanks and thin perspex for the windows. I painted it with craft paint and enamel.


1. My pop and I glued the pieces of wood together.

2. I glued on the picture of the carpet.

3. I painted the building white.

4. I painted the roof grey.

5. I added the solar panes and water tanks.


In real life the building would be made from;

  • The wood used to make the walls of the model would be single brick veneer because it uses less bricks. Bricks use a lot of raw material and energy to make.
  • The packing foam in the roof would be fiberglass insulation, to control the temperature without using heaters and air conditioning. There would also be fiberglass insulation in the walls between the bricks and plaster for the same reason. It would also have double glazed windows to help control the temperature.
  • The foil would have been electric solar panels, used to charge batteries to run the 12 Volt lights. The lights are made as 12v instead of 240v normal lights, and the battery is made as 12v too. This means the building would power it's own lights from the sun, instead of using grid power, which is usually from coal.
  • The foil covered panel with the door stopper would be a solar hot water system. I did not want an electric or gas water heater because they use energy to heat the water every day.
  • The door stops would have been plastic water tanks. The water is used only for flushing the toilets because it might not be drinkable if it got dirty.
  • Also it would use grey water from the shower straight onto the grass to keep the grass green for the children to play on. Normally shower water would go to waste. It does not harm the grass but cannot be stored.