First Grade News

What's Up in First Grade?

Important Events

Hello! it is hard to believe that is not only almost spring, that Easter is almost here! We have been working to learn more about Jesus' life as we prepare to learn about his death and resurrection. We are also starting to enter spring which means we are entering into a new science unit of wind and weather and sunlight changes. We will also start to be study plants and animals and other changes in the spring. I still can't believe how fast this year is flying by!

Important Upcoming Events- NO SCHOOL on Friday March 18th for Professional Development.

Thursday is Saint Patrick's Day. We will be celebrating the holiday with some fun treats and celebrations. Student's are allowed to wear green shirts for Saint Patricks day. Because we are going to Mass, we are asking that student's only wear green shirts with jeans or school pants. That means no green face paint or hair and any necklaces or other things can stay in their backpacks until after Mass.

Read-a-thon: We are all very excited about one of our biggest (and tastiest) fundraisers of the year happening on Saturday but we are also starting our new Spring Fundraiser a Read-a-thon! There will be more information going out in our yellow folders on Wednesday, but basically get ready to help your child read and help raise money to our school!


Registration has opened up to the public! Spots are filling up which is great news, but if you have not yet secured your spot for next year and want to you should go to the main office to set up a meeting. Your account must be in good standing to be able to register. If you have any questions about what our class will look like next year or our plans to help all students be successful, please let us know and we are happy to talk you through the tentative plan for next year. Please contact Bernice at or us at anytime.

2nd Trimester ends on March 9th. We will be doing report cards on March 17th. The progress reports sent out last week before conferences should give a good idea about where your child is at as we get closer and closer to the end of the year. If you have any questions about where your child is at or the progress they should be making, please come and talk to us and we are happy to help.

Spirit Gear- Spirit gear attire is clean non ripped jeans and now that seahawks season is over, Holy Rosary Spirit gear. Spirit gear will be on next Friday and we look forward to seeing Holy Rosary spirit shirts and sweatshirts!

Easter- As we are getting close to the end of Lent and celebration of Easter, we want to try to start planning out our Easter celebrations. We are going to do an Easter party and Easter egg hunt on Tuesday March 22nd so that it does not interfere with our Holy Days. We are excited that this time we will be able to have parents bring in food as well as treats for our Easter festivities! We will also need donations of plastic eggs and candy for our Easter Egg hunt. We will put up a list of items that we need so you can sign up for our party on Tuesday!

On Thursday March 24th we are going to do a re-enactment of the Last Supper. We will need some donations of bread and grape juice and would appreciate some volunteer help if you are interested.

Exciting Field Trip Update!

Hello! As I am sure many of you know, we are starting our study of animals in both Spanish and English. It is very exciting that our students are getting to learn more about the different types and classifications of animals, where they live, what they eat, and will eventually be writing and typing up a report about some specific different kinds of animals. To culminate this unit, we are going to be going on a field trip to the zoo on Friday April 15th!

We will send out field trip forms AFTER spring break as well as more details as we get closer. We are going to arrive at the zoo by 9:30 and will stay through lunch until around 2:00 and then head back to the school. We do not yet know if we will be able to take the bus, so we may need parent volunteers to drive cars with students in them.

The cost will be 8$ per a student AND per parent chaperone. Extra parent chaperones may have to pay the full cost of a ticket. While we are there we are going to get to do a private Animal Discover program where students will get to see the animals up close in smaller setting and ask questions to zoo keepers about the animals. I know how many of you like to come on field trips, so please let us know by email if you are planning on attending. The cut off to let us know if you can Chaperone will be Friday, April 8th- one week before the field trip so we can send a final count to the zoo. All parents attending the field trip, and most especially who may be driving must have completed the Safe Environment training by the Seattle Archdiocese.

We are very excited both to have a fun time with students at the zoo, but for the educational opportunity it will present to allow students to connect real life experiences with what they have learned about in class. We are so glad that this has been able to come together and to have another chance to leave the student grounds and explore with our students and families!