Ms. Odom's Classes McKinney High School 2015-16

Week 5/2-6/16

Hopefully April showers will bring May flowers and not scorching heat so common in Texas! Graduation buzz is in the air and we all are exhibiting signs of Spring Fever, i.e. easily distracted, less productive than usual, plagued by sniffles from the pollen/mold. You may have also seen an increase in energy, the desire to be outside and exercise, and even on rare occasions, the need to sleep less! These are all scientific symptoms. of Spring Fever due to the increase in melatonin this time of year. Join me in encouraging your student to use this extra energy to finish strong this semester. We're sprinting to the finish line! That may be too optimistic, but we are walking fast!

STAAR testing for Algebra I, Biology and U.S. History is on May 3 and 4 respectively and AP testing is going on all week. Best wishes to all those testing! My class will be relocating to the library during testing on 5/3 and C109 on 5/4. I've notified all my students of their testing rooms but if they forget, they can find their testing rooms on the flyers posted around school or see their counselor or me.

Check out the links below to see what's happening in my classes this week!

Tutorial & Contact Information:

Tutoring: Tuesday/Thursday 2:35-3:15

Other times by appointment

Students will need a pass to attend any tutorial (available in my classroom)

Email: saodom@mckinneyisd.net

Direct Line: 469-302-5886

Fashion Marketing

We had some outstanding designer projects. As always, students scoring less than 80 have the opportunity to retake for a max 80. Retake information is in the class Announcement post.

We'll have one more project from our promotion unit before the end of the year. The summative on design segments and textiles from Friday will post by Tuesday. Since we had a quiz over all the concepts presented and had two days to look up answers, no resources were allowed. If your student did not score at least an 80, please encourage him/her to retake the test. All pertinent information will be in the Retake notification in the class announcements.

We're beginning our final unit on promotion, including advertising, social media, and visual display.

I'm available for tutorials before school any morning but Tuesday or after school on any day except Wednesday. Students must obtain a pass to attend any tutorial and those are available in my classroom.

Money Matters

We have completed most of our Virtual Business lessons with the two remaining lessons on investing for retirement and buying a house due this week. We will also have a test over taxes, credit repair, shopping, and education/advancement on 5/6. We'll also have one more summative covering the remainder of the lessons.

We have already begun our final capstone projects that will account for our final exam. The first is the Stock Market Challenge 2016. Students were given $10,000 to buy stocks (virtual money, of course). They will track their stocks, explain their choices and complete online quizzes relating to material they read about stocks. Students will then write a reflection on their stock market experience. We had a special treat Friday with a visit from Mrs. Andrea Harvey, Branch Manager with the McKinney BB&T bank. She gave us some great information on stocks and bonds. Everyone should have their $10,000 allocated early next week.

The second part of the final exam is the New Career Project in Virtual Business. Students will apply all the lessons learned into a final project with the end goal of reaching a net worth of $250,000! The simulation is only open during class time since it is part of the final exam.


We're finishing our business plan! The executive summary, owner resume, and cover page are all due this week.

Our final exam has two options. The first option is a comprehensive presentation of the entire business plan. Students will create an ePortfolio in Canvas with all their business plan components and create a multimedia slide show of their business plan. Students will be able to add any missing component for a max 70 into their portfolio. Instructions for completing the portfolio are in the Capstone module in Canvas.

For Option 2, students may also choose to complete a virtual business simulation by managing a bicycle manufacturing company instead of the ePortfolio/Slideshow.

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to let me know.

Tutorial Schedule

T/Th 2:30-3:15

Other times by appointment (Student must have a pass available in my classroom)

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