Q2 Workshop Follow-up

You are incredible!

COMING UP - Quarter 3 Workshop

Tuesday, Feb. 4th 2020 at 9am-3:30pm


Location TBD

BYOD (Bring your own device!)

More information here!

FEEDBACK PLEASE - Let us know how we did!

Thank you SO very much to all the champs and your willingness to be actively engaged in both prep and delivery of the workshop! All materials are available on PL Champ page.


Continuing our exploration with the foundational pieces of PL... This white paper offers teachers at all levels some ideas for incorporating and building on SEL awareness in students. Flip through to the pages for teacher strategies!

And following up on Executive Functions, check out this blog post with explicit strategies for helping students be able to own their learning! Short on time? Scroll down to the graphic!


Four Tasks prior to 2/4:

  • Connect to your practice - Try something new and dive deeper in your practice!
  • Connect to your staff - Turn-key Workshop material! Encourage your staff to reach out to you directly with questions and for resources.
  • Connect to your focus group - You all have plans to connect with your small groups about what you are trying out in your practice!
  • Connect to our community - Every Champ is on the Facebook group now! Woot! Check in/contribute once a week at least.