The Roman Truth

Don't cry, we don't tell lies! Brought to you by: Karen Chu.

Let the Games Begin! A.D. 80

Are you hungry for entertainment? Do you enjoy bloodshed? Well, we have good news for you! For those of you that don't know, the Colosseum, now open, is the place to see such events. This is a great form of entertainment. Built with concrete and skillfully made with arched vaults, it can seat up to 50,000 people! There is even a retractable roof! And don't worry about the cost. The government has generously offered to pay for these games, and they are public shows. Many of the shows include fights with animals like lions, tigers, or bears, executions, and gladiator fights to the death! Here is an exclusive interview with Gladiator Mars: "What are some feelings you feel fighting in the arena daily?" "Well, I feel powerful and that I can take out all my anger on these useless, idiotic, hopeless people. Of course, I'm not scared of fighting, because I know I'm stronger than anyone else." Gladiators sure are brave!

Hadrian's Wall A.D. 128

Attention Romans! As you know, Britain, which is part of our ever-expanding Roman empire, has been having some troubles with those annoying barbarians. But fear no more! Hadrian has had his troops built a 75-mile wall, a defensive fortification, across the northern part of Britain for protection against tribes. It includes outpost forts. Of course, we have Emperor Hadrian to thank, so be sure you do just that!

White Powder for Wonderful Woman!

Fresh Roman Beauty Incorporated has come up with a new product: Pretty Pale Powder! None of us want to be mistaken for a woman who works outside now, do we? Pretty Pale

Powder will make you as pale and beautiful as possible.100% satisfaction guaranteed! Comes in 3 different scents: lavender, rose, and jasmine. Location: 351 Roman Avenue.