All Things STEAM

Vol 2

Intermediate School Visits

Throughout November, Mrs. Hines, Ms. Gregorek and several STEAM Academy students went to each intermediate school to promote the STEAM Academy. Students spoke to 8th graders about their experiences thus far in the Academy, their decisions to apply to the Academy and some of the best parts of being a Raider. They did a fantastic job and deserve a big shout out!

Check Out The New STEAM Video!!

A big thank you to all the students who volunteered to be a part of the new STEAM recruitment.

Biomedicine Field Trip to Mutter Museum

Big picture

Environmental Sustainability Trip to Save Barnegat Bay & the Ocean

Engineering Field trip to InfoAge

What is Academic Probation?

At the end of each marking period grade assessment will take place. If a student does not meet the expectation of a B-minimum in each academic class, they are placed on Academic Probation. A letter will be sent home with the probation process, which is as follows:

  1. Student will meet with the STEAM Academy Coordinator to review the class in question and develop an Academic Action Plan.
  • Student will be given Teacher Reflection Forms, which they are to have filled out biweekly by the teacher whose class they fail to meet expectations in. Students will also receive Student Reflection Forms, which they are also to fill out biweekly upon reviewing the Teacher Reflection Form.
  • The completed Teacher Reflection Form and Student Reflection Form are to be given to the STEAM Academy Coordinator upon completion. Failure to complete and hand these forms in on time, can result in removal from the STEAM Academy.
2. At the end of 4th Marking Period, a final grade assessment will take place.

  • If a student was already on Academic Probation, this assessment will determine whether they have improved enough to remain in the Program or if they are to be removed from the Program.
  • If a student is removed from the Program, they are sent back to their home school if it is not East.
  • If a student was not on Academic Probation, they will be placed on it for the following school year.

Upcoming Dates for the STEAM Academy

Dec. 6th @ 6pm -- STEAM Academy Q & A Session

Dec. 21 -- Applications for the STEAM Academy are Due

Jan 11 -- Letters of Recommendation are Due

Jan. 24 @ 4pm -- STEAM Academy Entrance Exam (Hosted at HSE)