NO to Sex !

Deztyneh Townsend

Overall Sex Consequences

  • You can catch some seriously life threatening sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)
  • You can become or get someone pregnant when neither of you are ready.
  • People can end up taking advantage of you sexually for their own benefit, which is why abstinence is the best way.
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  • Gonorrhea - Your disease can be passed on to your child, and he or she can be born blind.
  • Hepatitis B - You can easily get cancer or even die from this disease.
  • Herpes - This STD is likely to be passed from an infected mother to her baby during birth and does not go away easily.
  • Genital Warts - This disease is treatable but not curable, which means it never goes away.
  • HIV - When infected with this STD, it damages your immune system severely which makes your body vulnerable to other various life threatening diseases, also leading to HIVs later stage called AIDS.
  • Syphilis - You can have serious birth defects or several miscarriages, ultimately leading you to no longer be able to reproduce.
  • Chlamydia - This leads to other serious diseases such as NGU or PID (Pelvic Inflammatory disease)
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Birth Control Methods

  • The best birth control method is Abstinence.
  • The second best is a combination between the birth control pill (hormonal method) and using a condom (barrier method).
  • The third best is just using a condom with spermicide.
  • The fourth best method is called a female condom.
  • Last but not least, another method of birth control is called a diaphragm.
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Responsibilities of having a baby

  • You have to mature quickly and leave most of the parties and fun alone.
  • You have to get used to always putting someone else before yourself.
  • You are responsible for providing for and nurturing the baby.
  • You have to make sure your baby is raised right, whether you have to do that alone, with a partner, or the help of your family members.
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"Safe Delivery Act"

  • Safe delivery act is where a mother can take her baby to an Emergency Service Provider (ESP) within 72 hours. This is basically an easier way to give a baby up for adoption.
  • This act was created to get rid of babies being left behind in dumpsters, and other sad things. Once you give up your baby, you have 28 days to change your mind.
  • Another option a mother can take upon is an organization called Global Fund for Women. Global fund for Women benefit single mothers in fighting for their rights and improving them and their babies lives.
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Under-age Sex Consequences

  • There is always the consequence of having an unplanned pregnancy, which is rough especially as a teenager.
  • You can catch STDs easily, because most young people who participate in sexualy activity aren't responsible enough yet to even make those grownup decisions.
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Benefits of Abstinence

  • This is the only way to be 100% sure that you won't become a mommy or daddy.
  • Also, this is the only way to be 100% sure you won't catch an STD.
  • Having sex with a person can cause emotional problems, if there is a breakup or if the person was only in it for their own sexual benefit.
  • This is a great way to practice boundaries and become stronger as an individual, and also get closer with yourself.
  • You will never have to hide anything from your parents or friends, or end up regretting a sexual decision.
  • If you are abstinent while in a relationship and you make that known, then you will know your partner is going to be in it for you instead of the sexualy activity that you can offer.
  • Teens who practice sexual abstinence do better in school and also have more self control to not give into peer pressure.
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