Digital Citizenship

at Newington Public School

Mr Weeks needs your help!

Check out the comic strip below to see how you can help.

Where do I start?

Explore the DET website created to educate students on digital citizenship.
Brainstorm with your group about what you would like to focus your project on.
Will it be one specific aspect of digital citizenship or are you going to approach it as one general idea?

What next?

You need to work as a group to create an educational product.

It might be a digital poster, a short film, a television ad, a comic strip, an infographic, a presentation or anything else you can think of. You just need to ensure that it will teach other NPS students something about being a good digital citizen.
Be creative and create an engaging resource.

Would you like to make a comic strip?

Why not head to and sign up to create your own comic.