White House Job

Call the White House your office!

By Erica Braun and Jade Barlage Hour 3


In order to be president, you must:

Be at least 35 years old

Be a natural born citizen of the US

Reside in the US for at least 14 years

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Salary, benefits, and perks of President:


$50,000 annual expense account

$100,000 travel account

$19,000 entertainment account

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Constitutional Powers granted to the President:

Can veto proposed legislation, forcing Congress to pass it again with a 2/3 majority or else let it die,

Commander in chief of the armed forces and the state militia

Appoint federal court judges, including the supreme court justices, ambassadors,and other top officials with Senate approval

Appoints, with the Senate's consent, the heads of the executive departments

May pardon people convicted of federal crimes

Make treaties with the advice and consent of the Senate

Meets with foreign heads of state

Calls special sessions of Congress when needed

Commissions military officers of the United States

Can issue special "executive orders" which are special laws that do not require congress approval.

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Which presidential power do you believe is the most important?

Commander and chief of armed forces and militia (Aiding in the process to declare war) is what we believe to be the most important. By speeding up this process we can be more effective as a country for things like 9/11 terrorists.
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5 Leadership Qualities to a Good President:

-Effective decision maker

-Good at conflict resolution/negotiation

-Good communication skills (gov and people)

-Implement goals

-Handle and manage change and innovation

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Roles of President (5 official and 3 unofficial)

chief executive- power to execute and carry out nation’s laws.

Ex- see constitutional powers of the president.

Chief administrator- manager of 15 executive departments and federal agencies.

Ex- acts as the “boss” and oversees other departments.

Commander in chief- authority to order troops into action and call them back home.

Ex- during wartime he can send troops out to another country.

Foreign policy leader- formulating nations plans and procedures with other countries.

Ex-Meets with other nation’s leaders to discuss problems and solutions.

Chief agenda setter- outline and give the State of the Union Address

Ex- help outline how the year will go and his plans for the nation.

Chief of state-role of figurehead of the U.S.

Ex- Represents the United States. Obama is the face of the United States as of 2015

Party leader- takes lead in shaping and and promoting party platform.

Ex- Obama is the Democratic Party’s leader. He is promoting the Democratic Party’s views while in office

Chief citizen- primary representatives of the nation.

Ex- The Nation’s role model. Must be considered the “perfect citizen”

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As President, how can we use our power to stop/decrease terrorism in the US?

Every person must have a background check before coming to the U.S. New immigrants must wait 5 years before purchasing weapons in the United States. Must follow set standards until they EARN their citizenship to the U.S. (Ex- like parole, if they mess up, they must return to jail. If a refugee or immigrant does not follow the set guidelines, they will be deported to their last place of residence, whatever country that may be.)
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Terrorism in the US today:

Over 3000 people have been killed in terroristic attacks since 1972 in the US. Most terroristic attacks are committed by Muslims or Jihadists.

Which constitutional powers, leadership qualities, and presidential roles would you use to solve the problem?

-Foreign policy leader

-Chief executive

-Good at conflict resolution/negotiation

-Good communication skills (gov and people)

-Implement goals

-Handle and manage change and innovation