The Canterbury Tales

The Skipper; By: Tyler Phifer

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The Skipper

Is a ship captain, who strays the waters alone

But yet, he's not who you think he is

He steals when people aren't home

Remember this,

For he might be your next business.


His specialty was one of the best

For overseas trade was needed for the rest.

But if it gets there is from educated guess

For the Skipper might steal, and the deal may not be real.

The social standing for the Skipper

The old day merchant pirate

From which it all started

From where the ships sailed

To the taverns of things stolen


His social standing was one of the worst

For he would help you

Then still money out of you're purse

He was dark and smart

Watch out cause he might do it to you too

The life of a Skipper

Was probably the best of s simple life

For he lived it like it was the best

And didn't act like he lived twice

Stealing wine from the taverns at night

Because he only thought to roll the dice


He had no right or wrong

The best at his job cause no one could beat him

He might have felt like he was living the throne

Many skippers were around because everyone always needed them

Because he simply had no right or wrong


Might have left out some detail

But he did not fail

To let you know the truth

About the Skippers roots


The skipper isn't all but a ship captain

He likes to still when the miller is napp'n

Wine, gold, silver makes no difference

But when he is gone the good people say good riddance

There is

But only one modern day occupation

For the job isn't in moderation

But required some altercations

It is one of the biggest jobs around


It is not profound

But actually quite simple-ish

But a ship or boat captain takes the ship

For that job still stands


There was a Shipman coming from far west; He came from Darthmouth, that I thought. He rode a horse the best that he could, in a wool gown that hanged to his knees. A dagger on a string hanging freely that hung from his neck down under his arm. The summer's hotness had turned his skin color brown, and he was an undoubtedly good person. He'd stolen old wine of red and yellow, at a winery, while the