November Recognition!

Shining Diamonds!

Hello Fabulous Team!

I don't even know where to start! When they say NOVEMBER was a MONTH to REMEMBER they mean it! WOW! I am so excited to share that we BROKE RECORDS! WE (all 200 of us!) shared the style, reached for our goals and CRUSHED them!

Together as a team we sold over $222K !!!! YES, that's an average of $1000 each! WOW!

Well over $100K MORE than a year ago! Just incredible! So many of you beat your best months, qualified for your consistency club bonus, earned extra commissions, promoted and just felt JOY!

Whether you sold $1 or $10K, YOU are a part of this team and I thank YOU for being so amazing! One of my favorite parts of this "job" is watching each and everyone of YOU achieve your goals! It warms my heart!

Thank you for being so fabulous!


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Look who earned their 30% commission! Sold over $2300!!!! Way to give yourself a RAISE!

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Jennifer Francis

Lindsay DeFruscio

Rachel Cogan

Athalea Bradley

Jeanine Nau

Laura Steele

Kaitlin Cole

Adriana Lusardi

Beth Quartel

Holly Herbener

Ann Marie Phillips

Kellie Fletcher

Kirstie Pomaranski

Megan Wittmann

Lisa Gombas

Megan Filipowicz

Lindsey Goodwin

Bonnie Frain

Tanya Clemens

amy wrobel

Carolyn Bowden

Samantha Amato

Julie Inderbitzen

Suzy Albert

Bridget Evans

Kati Ayres

Elizabeth Stonaker

Pamela Sullivan

Kaylia Austin

Look who QUALIFIED! YOU are amazing and sold $500+

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Sheri Barner

Carissa Fitchett

Lauren Harrington

Kimberly Benny

April Rineer

Amy Troutman

jenna robertson

Amanda Powell

Heather Irwin

Nicole Lombardi

Laura Hillis

Hillary Strickland

Brittany Youngman

Karen Krepper

Johanna Flores

Donna Raman

Esmeralda Huerta

Jen Spitzen

Lauren Sabia

Patsy Schutte

Danielle Habr

Kathy Kane

Laura Lynch

Nichole Thornton

Julie Weller

Nicole Corso

Natalie Barlick-Reed

Tina Moyers

Mekela Busbee

Kyle Barr

Nicole Roche

Elisabeth Stevens

Leigh Anne Hunt

Alison Levandowski

Debra Gail Martin

Jennifer Fogle

Kathryn Schaible

Aimee Cuniglii

Sandra Mc Grath

Rebecca Kellich

Megan McGlynn

Melissa Scarabino

Lesley Weihs

Samantha Violante

Michelle Babb

Allison Rago

Bernadette Yeager

Alexis Washnock

Michelle Lausch

michaela frost

Diana Clavin

Amanda Hurley Roberts


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Top in Trunk Shows Held!

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The next set of amazing women worked together with their teams to achieve a BIG TEAM GOAL! I am so excited that we are celebrating 19 NEW LEADERSHIP Titles in November! A BIG RECORD BREAKER!

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The DARLING DOTTIES lead by NEW ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR Kate Foster and STAR STYLIST Ashely Janis! This powerhouse duo created a plan, worked it all month long and DID IT! Hello new AD and STAR teams!

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Check out our new LEADERS!!!!!!!

It does't stop yet!!!! We are in the PEEK of the HOLIDAY SELLING SEASON!

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Check out the amazing tools EMAILED to YOU everyday to continue this momentum through December!

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Qualify!!!!! Sell $500 by DECEMBER 18th (cut off standard shipping day!) and you are entered to win the Pave Chevron Necklace in SILVER!

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