Moose Minute

Mrs. James' 1st Grade Class - Crozet Elementary School

This Week's Sneak Peek: October 25, 2013


This week during writing we read the book, When I Grow Up. We are writing detailed stories about what we want to be when we group up. We have future dentists, police officers, artists, and even two presidents in our class! Ask your child about his or her plans for the future!


We are "digging in" during math! We got our hands slimy as we counted all of the seeds in our class pumpkin. The grand total? 413!


We are expanding our travels to all of Virginia! We explored the Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia Beach, and even Chincoteague (while visiting Mrs. Anhold in the library). Below is a link to a video of the song of a cardinal, our state bird.

Wild Cardinal singing (good sound)


We learned about the parts of a dogwood tree! Did you know that the white or pink part of a dogwood are actually called bracts? The flower is only the small yellow center. See the below link for more facts.

We enjoyed making scientific drawings of the dogwood flower and bract. Our drawings will come home with us today! We really wanted to share them with our families right away. :)

Learning About Dogwood Trees


We were very happy to spend some time with our fourth grade book buddies! We missed seeing them last week due to our field trip.

Help Please?

We would love to have a variety of maps for our classroom! If you are willing to donate a map, please send it in! Free maps are found at many tourist attractions. Please only send in maps you don't need returned. They will become a part of our reading library. Thanks!

Upcoming Events

  • TONIGHT!: CRES Harvest Festival, 5-8pm. I hope to see you there!
  • Saturday, October 26th: Starr Hill Brew and Stew PTO Fundraiser, 11am-5pm.
  • Monday, October 28th: Teacher Work Day
  • Monday & Tuesday, October 28th & 29th: Parent-Teacher Conferences