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Kutz Elementary School's Bimonthly Newsletter

February 12, 2016

Quick Notes!!!

The following are quick reminders and/or deadlines for upcoming events:

  • No School for Students - February 15th
  • Parent Positive Series - February 18th - 7:00PM - Lenape Middle School
    • Dr. Jason Komasz discusses tips to living healthier as a family.
  • H&S "Me & My Guy" Dance - February 19th - 6:30PM
  • Box Tops Due - February 24th
  • iRun4Life Registration Deadline - February 26th
  • Science Fair - March 21st - Start thinking about your projects!!!
  • Kutz H&S Association Newsletter

2016 Kutz Spelling Bee

Congratulations to Kutz students for their amazing performances in this year's spelling bee.

This Year's Winner:

  • Trisha George - 6th Grade in Ms McCullion's Classroom

Runner Up:

  • Liv Khoury - 5th Grade in Ms Cohen's Classroom

Alternatives to Edible Birthday Treats

We have been asked to remind all parents to please refrain from sending edible treats to school for birthday celebrations. Classroom teachers have also been reminded of this when planning special events and classroom activities. We ask that instead of edible treats, you please look for ways to celebrate that do not include food. Some ideas include:

  7. PARTY FAVORS (bouncy balls, toy cars, erasers, tops, notepads, etc.)

Edible treats that are brought to school will have to be turned away.

Thank you for your adherence to this as it is difficult to manage the many needs/preferences of our individual students and/or parents and food choices.

Counselor’s Corner: Getting to School on Time

Hello Kutz Families,

The bitter cold is here! I wanted to take a moment to discuss how important it is for children to get to school on time as well as offer some tips to help children get out of the door on those cold winter mornings.

Our school day begins at 8:50 with morning announcements. Buses arrive and car line begins at 8:30. By the time announcements begin, our students are busy doing morning work, copying down homework and readying themselves for the busy day ahead. We are very lucky to have wonderful reading specialists and educational assistants that support students with reading. Many children in kindergarten through second grade receive reading support beginning at 9:00. When children are late for school, they are already behind and often feel overwhelmed for the remainder of the day. Students need to make-up the morning work that they missed, often forget to copy down homework or turn in homework, and miss important instructional time.

Arriving at school on time allows children to feel calm and prepared to begin their day. Some of the best advice I can give is….Routine! Routine! Routine! Evening, bedtime and morning routines are key. In the evening, try to make sure your child has completed homework and is packed up for the next day. Pick out or have your child pick out the outfit they are going to wear the next day. For some that are picky about what they wear, have them try it on to be sure they are comfortable with the way it looks. I know this next piece is so difficult with different activities each night for children and/or siblings, but sticking to an appropriate bedtime and nighttime routine is the first step to a calm and productive morning. In the morning, wake your child up at the same time each day. Set them up for success by giving them enough time to make it to the bus stop or into the car. Some children even need a little downtime in the morning to relax prior to starting their day. If this is your child, wake them up earlier to allow for this time.

Thank you so much for all that you do to make sure your children are here and ready to learn by the time our school day begins.

Thank you for your time,
Lauren Meekins

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iRun4Life 2016

We are very excited to bring another fun session of iRun4Life to Kutz Elementary. iRun4Life is a fun, non-competitive running program designed to promote fitness and healthy lifestyles with our kids. iRun4Life focuses on exercise, healthy nutrition, and doing “Pay it Forward” Good Deeds in our community. We will combine running, stretching, and relay games. Training will start on Tuesday, March 15, continue for 9 weeks (with no session on April 12) and our goal event being a kids only 3K race at Central Park on Sunday, May 15. Participation in the race is voluntary and there is a separate registration fee for the race. For more information about the iRun4Life organization, please visit

!!NEW!! Features of the iRun4Life program include:

  • On-line database for registration and mileage recording – Parents can now register their children for the program using an on-line form! Please visit to sign up as a volunteer, log in as a parent and register, and then of course get your child to log in and record miles and deeds.
  • iRun4Life Incentives – Each runner’s mileage will be recorded on-line, and as a result they will receive a raffle ticket for each mile run. Incentives will then be raffled off each session. So, the more miles you run the greater your chances of receiving a prize, but even runners who can’t pile on the miles get a chance to take home sponsor gifts and other prizes!
  • Pay it Forward – Each student who completes 26 miles and performs 26 Pay it Forward good deeds will receive a special iRun4Life branded item. Good deeds include helping around the house, helping friends and teachers at school, etc. Remember to record good deeds and miles every Sunday before our weekly session to get proper credit.
  • GOAL RACE – Our goal race is a Kids Only 3k at Central Park on Sunday, May 15. This is a separate registration and any K – 6th grade student can participate (unlike the school program which, due to the number of students and capacity of the Kutz gymnasium, is only open for 2nd – 6th graders at this time).
  • iRun4Life WITH YOUR PARENTS – Each child can record double mileage if they run with a parent or guardian.

iRun4Life is open to 2nd through 6th graders. We will practice on Tuesdays from 3:45 pm to 5:00 pm in the gym from March 15 - May 9. We will run rain or shine! The fee per child to help defray the cost of t-shirts, incentives and snacks is as follows: $30 for an individual runner, $55 for two runners, and $60 for three or more runners in the same family. Notes about program cost and registration:

  1. Separate registrations are required for each runner, so please apply the discount when sending in your check.

  2. This program is 8 sessions of 1.25 hours (i.e. $3 or less per hour!), provides substantial opportunity to learn about healthy lifestyle, and is run exclusively by volunteers. It is a non-profit program, and any funds remaining after normal expenses will be used exclusively for advancement of the program.

In order for this program to be a success we rely on our volunteers. We need running team coaches, assistant coaches, traffic volunteers and snack assistance. If you are able to help, please indicate during the registration process. Note that effective this year you will need to complete the state mandated background check process by June 28. In order to volunteer for iRun4Life, we ask that you consult this link ( and follow the directions.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at


The maximum number of participants is 225. Registration is on a first come, first served basis.

We are unable to accept registrations after February 26 due to the need to order t-shirts and incentives in a timely manner. Team information will be sent via e-mail one week before program start.

Order your Kutz Elementary School Yearbook Online!

Fliers will be coming home in the next Thursday Folder, but you can get a headstart now by

just following the steps below:

Buy a yearbook for $14 each.

*Price will increase to $20 on March 19th

Order online through: April 15th

If you have any questions about ordering your yearbook, contact Cindy Seaner at or Sandy Hogenauer at

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Me & My Guy Flowers!!!

Order your little darling an adorable wristlet

Pink, white or red roses on a lace band

with ribbon and embellishments to

compliment her dress color


A portion of all proceeds donated back to your Home and School Association

*Must mention Kutz Elementary School when ordering*

*Dad’s – don’t forget your boutonniere!

Call 215.220.1000

2016-2017 Kindergarten Registration

The 2016-17 Kindergarten Registration began on October 26th. For Kindergarten registration information and paperwork, please check out the CBSD website.

Kutz 100th Day of School Celebrations

5th Grade Science Exploration Centers

Students in Ms Sheridan's and Ms Scarpa's classes did science experiments with pressure and air pressure. The students examined their results to determine the relationship to weather.

Kutz Student Council Presents to Home & School Parents

The 6th grade Student Council Officers presented to the H&S on Wednesday. The students shared their responsibilities as officers, the ideas and changes they've had or made thus far, and the way their monthly meetings are run.

Click here to see the summary of their January meeting as presented on Kutz TV Announcements.

6th Graders Celebrate Egypt Day

On Friday, February 12th, the sixth graders participated in "Egypt Day" as a culmination to their studies of Ancient Egypt.
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Next Home and School Meeting

Wednesday, April 13th, 7pm

1950 Turk Road

Doylestown, PA












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School Board Briefs - February 9, 2016

At the February 9, 2016 School Board meeting the Central Bucks School District School Board:

  • Approved the minutes of the January 26, 2016 school board meeting.

  • Postponed the Superintendent’s Report: This Month in Central Bucks video, and Aramark Foodservice Program Overview 2015-2016.

  • Received the Curriculum, Finance, Human Resources, and Operations Committee notes; and the BCIU Board minutes.

  • Approved the January 26, 2016, February 1, 2016, and February 4, 2016 General Fund check disbursements; and the January 28, 2016 Capital Fund check disbursements.

  • Approved the Bucks County Intermediate Unit #22 Programs and Services/Instructional Materials & Research Services Budget for the 2016-2017 school year.

  • Approved a contract to DiLemmo Construction to provide and install a band tower at CB East in the amount of $40,880.

  • Rejected all bids for the infiltration system at CB East High School – Holicong site.

  • Approved School Board Policy 317 – Conduct/Disciplinary Procedures – Administrative Employees, School Board Policy 417 – Conduct/Disciplinary Procedures – Professional Employees, School Board Policy 517 – Conduct/Disciplinary Procedures – Classified Employees, School Board Policy 816 – Electronic Communications and Social Media/Networking, School Board Policy 824 – Maintaining Professional Adult/Student Boundaries, and School Board Policy 916 – Volunteers.

  • Approved various personnel items, student trips, and staff conferences/workshops.

  • Received the Student Activities Quarterly Reports ending December 31, 2015 for the secondary schools as an information item.

  • Accepted the resignation of Stephen Corr, Board member, effective February 12, 2016, due to his employment with the law firm that represents the school district.