3 Step Behaviour Process

Horsham College

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Level One Behaviours

¨ Refusal to follow teacher instruction after clear direction has been given

¨ Purposeful ignoring of teacher request or instruction

¨ Answering back to staff in a rude and disrespectful tone

¨ Inappropriate swearing around or at others

¨ Arguing with staff in a disrespectful tone

¨ Teasing of others

¨ Consistent interrupting of others

¨ Consistently talking over the teacher after being warned previously

¨ Not following the school values of respect and honesty

¨ Putting down others

¨ Late to class

¨ Unprepared for class

Follow up of Level One Behaviours is the Responsibility of the Classroom Teacher

Level Two Behaviours

¨ Refusal to follow instruction after continuous requests –oppositional & defiant behaviour requiring removal by a Leader

¨ Constant and consistent disruption in class resulting in removal

¨ Directed spitting

¨ Purposeful exclusion of others

¨ Swearing at others.

¨ Intimidation of others

¨ Inappropriate social behaviours – eg sexual gestures

¨ Throwing objects with intent to harm

¨ Bullying of others – visual, gesture, telephone, computer

¨ Lying / dishonesty

¨ Repeat of offences at level one

¨ Repeated truancy

¨ Frequent absences

¨ Wellbeing concerns

¨ Learning concerns

Follow up of Level Two Behaviours is the Responsibility of the Classroom Teacher in consultation with the Year Level Co-ordinator/s

Level 3 Behaviours

¨ Extreme violence towards staff or students in any manner

¨ Physical Bullying – fighting, punching, kicking

¨ Premeditated violence

¨ Repeated bullying of others – visual, gesture, telephone, computer

¨ Theft of property

¨ Significant damage to property

¨ Throwing objects with the intent to harm e.g. chair

¨ Racial, sexual bullying

¨ Consistent intimidation of others

¨ Dealing in drugs or alcohol on school premises

¨ Extortion bullying

¨ Consistent and repeated verbal abuse, swearing or verbal bullying

¨ Behaving in a manner which threatens the good order of the school

¨ Consistently and constantly behaving in a manner which interferes in the educational opportunity of others

¨ Swearing at a staff member.

Follow up of Level Three Behaviours is the Responsibility of the Year Level Co-ordinator in consultation with the Site Leading Teacher and/or Assistant Principal